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Savings and Investment Plans

Turn your dreams into reality with Aviva Savings and Investment Plans

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    Accumulate funds for specific life goals

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    Tax Benefits^

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    The family receives the payout on the death of the insured

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    Select guaranteed* or market linked options

*Subject to all due premiums paid. Tax benefits are as per prevailing tax laws which are subject to change. AN: Mar 21/22

Savings and Investment Plans

Be prepared for life's uncertainties, with savings that you make today

Savings plans are life insurance policies that prepare you to meet unexpected future events, whether they concern you or your loved ones. The best savings plans in India offer an amount of coverage whether you wish to pay for a medical emergency or a happy event like sending your child to a foreign university. By dint of systematic saving investment plan, you can create a large corpus for future use. There are different savings schemes that account for varying goals, terms, and expectations. We offer a wide range of savings plans that provide you with a regular income, promise steady growth, and have multiple policy term options.

However, to yield a good return on your investments, you should invest in the best saving plan. Here's how you can find the best savings plan that promises investments with high returns.

Choose investment plans that:

  • Provides options of long-term investment
  • Offers steady growth and high liquidity
  • Fulfills your major financial goals
  • Suits your investment and risk appetite

What is a Savings Investment Plan?

Investment plans are among the important financial instruments that help you build sustainable wealth for your loved ones' future. In fact, these instruments act as savings plans that help you grow your savings through systematic, long-term investments into the money market.
There are different types of savings investment plans you can choose from to meet your financial goals.
Here are some of the best investment plans and best tax saving plans you can choose from.

  • Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs)
  • Public Provident Funds (PPF)
  • Sukanya Samridhi Yojana
  • Mutual Funds
  • Senior Citizens Savings Schemes (SCSS)

Why You Should Buy Savings Plan?

One fact that every salaried and self-employed earner of the family should understand, onemight not be able to achieve their financial goals only through regular savings. Whether you want to save for your children's higher education or your early retirement, you need to invest your savings in the best tax saving investment plans, to reap better future results.

Although you lose some of your income to savings plans, disciplined savings may help you gain good returns in the future.

Here's why you should invest in savings plans.

  1. Financial security
    Being an essential life insurance product, investment plans help you ensure your family's financial security even when you are not around. Along with the lumpsum or regular payouts you receive from the savings plan, the coverage it offers will help you financially protect your family in a more comprehensive way.
  2. Financial discipline
    Knowing and understanding the need and benefits of savings is one thing and inculcating a habit of regular savings is another. That's where investment plans prove useful. By investing regularly into these plans helps you form a money discipline in your life and invest your savings today for a better tomorrow.
  3. Tax savings
    As savings plans are essentially a life insurance product, they offer the same tax benefits* as any other life insurance product. As per section 80 C of the Income Tax Act, you can avail of tax exemption on up to Rs 1.5 lakhs of premiums paid towards these tax saving schemes.

Why Choose Aviva Savings and Investment Plans?

  • Investment plans as special as your needs
    We believe that every person is different, so are their financial needs. Thus, we provide a range of comprehensive investment plans that fulfill your investment and risk appetite as well as financial goals.
  • Transparency and flexibility
    Because investment plans are more than an asset to make more money, it directly affects your loved ones' future.
    Thus, maintaining transparency and flexibility during the process of buying savings plans is essential for us.
  • Simplified savings for life
    Best investment plans bring the utmost relief and financial security during the tough times in your loved ones' lives. So why should the process of bringing this happiness be any more tedious?

At Aviva India, we offer simplified processes and documentation through our online investment plans. So you can ensure your family's financial security without any hassle.

Who Should Buy Savings Plan?

This depends on your life stage, income level as well as the financial goals you want to achieve. The savings investment plan is a versatile life insurance product, and one can choose it for various financial purposes.

  • Life stages
    Whether you have just joined your first job, have started a family, or are years away from retiring, you can begin investing in savings investment plans at different stages of your life.
  • Income levels
    Investment plans are available for people with different investment appetites. Moreover, whichever plan you choose, your financial goal, investment tenure will decide the premium towards the investment scheme. Thus, you don't need to earn more to afford a savings investment plan.
  • Financial goals
    You can start investing in different savings plans to achieve your financial goals, such as buying a car or house, your child's higher education, or your retirement.

Key Features of a Savings Investment Plan

  • Life cover with benefits of riders
    The right savings investment plan can help you secure your family financially even when you are not around. The various riders help you customize your savings plan according to your needs.
    Benefits of different riders such as accidental death, critical illness, and waiver of premium will help you provide for your family with more comprehensive policy benefits.
  • Tax benefits
    As savings plans are life insurance products, you can get tax exemption of up to Rs 1.5 lakhs on premiums paid towards your savings plan under section 80C of the Income Tax Act.
  • Flexibility of investment
    Investment plans offer a wide range of entry age and policy tenure to meet your different financial goals throughout your life.
    You can start investing as early as at the age of 18 and choose the policy tenure according to your financial goal and the money and time you need to build enough wealth.

Benefits of Having Savings Plan

  • Long-term wealth creation
  • Financial Protection to your loved ones in case of your untimely demise
  • Regular payouts to fulfill your financial goals
  • Tax savings benefits with lifetime financial protection through regular payouts

Our Savings Schemes

Bring you the safety of savings and investment with the promise of tax benefits

Flexibility to manage your money

Aviva Signature Investment Plan

Key Benefits
    • Freedom to align the investment horizon to the planned financial needs by choice of the premium paying terms
    • Flexibility to manage your money
    • Transparency of your investments

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A Smart Step Towards Growing Your Savings Over Time!

Aviva Signature Guaranteed Income Plan

Key Benefits
    • Guaranteed Returns through Interim and Lump sum payouts
    • Multiple Payout options e.g. Early Income, Deferred Income or Lump Sum
    • Multiple payment options

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Unit linked plan to optimize your return

Aviva Affluence

Key Benefits
  • You can choose the policy term to match your financial goals
  • You can pay premiums as per your convenience for 7, 10, or 15 years or the entire period of the policy
  • You can opt for Systematic Transfer Plan and enjoy Rupee Cost Averaging through systematic investment into equity market weekly or monthly. This feature comes with no extra cost

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Online ULIP that optimizes your return on investment

Aviva i-Growth

Key Benefits
  • Minimum charge structure with the total effect on your premium as low as 1% excluding mortality
  • Flexibility to maximize your returns by switching between the 4 funds as per your risk appetite
  • Option to secure life cover amount that is 10 or 20 times your annual income.

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Guaranteed income plan that offers payout for 12 years

Aviva New Family Income Builder

Key Benefits
  • Guaranteed Income for self or family for 12 years
  • Pay for 12 years and get double of the premiums paid over the next 12 years
  • Tax deduction on premiums paid and tax exemption under 80(C), 10 (10D)

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A plan that guarantees monthly income

Aviva Income Suraksha

Key Benefits
  • Guaranteed monthly income for 10/12 years
  • Flexibility to align income as per life stage needs
  • Tax benefits as per applicable tax laws

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Easy to buy savings plan offering guaranteed returns

POS - Aviva Dhan Suraksha

Key Benefits
  • Convenient purchase process without medicals
  • Life cover of 14.5 times the annual premium
  • Tax deduction on premiums paid and tax exemption under 80(C), 10 (10D)

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Savings plan that guarantees* payout at maturity

Aviva New Wealth Builder

Key Benefits
  • Option to choose from multiple premium payment frequencies
  • Entry age upto 60 years
  • Enjoy higher maturity payout on survival for higher premiums

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Savings plan to build a corpus, while periodically giving money back during the policy term

Aviva Nivesh Bima

Key Benefits
  • Flexibility to choose life cover as required
  • Entry age upto 60 years depending on policy term
  • Option to choose add-on Accidental death cover with the policy

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A Unit Linked Insurance Plan for wealth creation & financial security, with added convenience

Aviva Fortune Plus Plan

Key Benefits
  • Choice of 8 unit-linked fund options
  • Partial withdrawal & Systematic partial withdrawal options
  • Applicable Tax Benefits under sections 80(C), 10 (10D)

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Why Aviva Investment Plans?

With our wide range of savings schemes, we have your future covered.

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2X Guaranteed Returns

Reap the benefits of 2X guarantee with double the premiums paid over the policy term

Tax Benefits

Save for a better tomorrow with tax exempted savings and draw benefits on premiums paid

Straight from our customers

The Why, What & How of Savings Plans

Understanding the basics and features of savings plans

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Frequently Asked Questions

A savings plan is an essential life insurance product that helps you build a sustainable financial corpus to secure the future of your loved ones. You can choose to invest in various saving investment plans for your different financial needs, such as buying a house, your child's higher education, or your early retirement.

Savings plans as life insurance product help you secure your family's financial future even when you are not around by planning systematic regular investments in the money market. The payouts and coverage your family receives in case of your untimely demise help them take off their financial needs and wants.

The following points will help you select the best suited Savings Plans for your specific goals.

  • A plan that helps you save for your specific need.
  • A plan should offer investment options basis your risk appetite i.e. from guaranteed returns to investments in equity markets.
  • Offer tax exempt returns and offer tax benefits on premiums paid.

Broadly, there are 3 types of savings plans that you can buy, based on your financial goals and future requirements:

  • Endowment Plans - This is a savings scheme which offers a lump sum benefit on maturity of the plan term. The premiums may be paid annually or once
  • Money Back Plans - These savings plans repay the premiums paid at regular intervals, thus offering high liquidity and regular income
  • Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) - These are market-linked savings plans in which the investment is divided into debt and equity instruments as per the customer’s risk profile. Thus, giving dual benefits - higher-returns from investing into the equity market and rebalancing the risk with debt investments.

The following savings plans are currently available in India:

  • Endowment, money back and ULIP plans from private insurance providers
  • Government-backed saving schemes like National Savings Certificate, Postal Office Savings Scheme, Kisan Vikas Patra and Public Provident Fund, among many others.
  • All saving plans in India get tax benefits as per existing tax laws which are subject to change.

A large fund of money at your disposal stops many potential financial problems in their tracks. Saving money is the first step towards financial independence – but you need the right instrument, like a savings scheme with a reputed life insurance provider, to see you through whichever challenges life throws your way.

Having a large fund of money at hand dispels financial worry, and makes it possible for you to realise personal and familial milestones. It helps you plan your life better, with timely savings and investments in some of the best savings plans that your money can buy.

Aviva savings plans offer you the best combination of affordable premiums, flexible pay-out terms, regular growth and periodic income. Consider the following benefits of investing in Aviva saving schemes:

  • Adequate coverage to help plan future goals, save for children's future, structure your retirement, etc.
  • Flexible pay-out options and multiple premium payment terms
  • Savings plans are designed based on your future goals and expectations. So, you can opt for non-participating and participating plans as per your need
  • Savings plans are tax savings schemes as well. You get benefits under Sec 80C against premiums paid for the plan

Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) - These are market-linked savings plans that provide dual benefits of life cover and investment growth. In these plans, the investment is divided into debt and equity instruments as per the customer’s risk profile. Thus, giving the benefit of higher-returns from investing into the equity market and rebalancing the risk with debt instruments. Though invested in high-risk products, ULIP might provide higher returns to secure your long term goals.

Both single- and multiple-premium ULIPs are tax saving schemes. You get tax benefits as per existing tax laws which are subject to change.

Everybody, Savings plans help you with the following.

  • Help generate regular income through disciplined long term savings
  • Help create corpus to meet specific life goals

Invest in Aviva Wealth Builder, a savings plan that offers double the premiums paid over the policy term. It is a non-linked, non-participating traditional endowment plan with a guaranteed maturity benefit and also death benefit.

Both are savings products which enable an individual to save for specific life goals. A ULIP offers market linked funds which the customer can opt for basis his/her risk profile. A traditional plan generally invests in debt instruments.

The best savings scheme plan options differ from person to person. As savings investment plans are versatile, you buy the ones that suit your investment appetite as well as financial goals, you can consider investing in ULIPs. While choosing the best savings plan suitable to you, make sure you consider your financial goals, amount you can invest, tenure of the plan, as well as plans that ensure investments with high returns.

A protection and savings plan is specifically made for those who wish to have the benefits of regular payouts along with extending financial security to your loved ones whenever you are not around.

Investing in these plans help you ensure your family's financial security in case of your untimely demise, while the regular payouts through these plans enable you fulfill your life's other goals such as buying a car, travelling the world, starting or expanding your business, your child's education, or your retirement.

The best monthly savings investment plans depend on the financial goals you want to achieve as well as the amount you can invest for a certain period.

Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPs) are among the most prudent and popular monthly investment plans as these plans offer benefits of investment and life insurance.

ULIPs may offer a higher return on investment against lower premium costs. Moreover, these plans are flexible; you can switch funds easily to make the most of your investment.

ULIPs are highly liquid. Once the completion of the 5-year lock-in period, you can withdraw money from your fund without any cost, in case of an emergency.

The definition of "safe investment" can be different for different people. It all depends on how much amount you can easily invest for a certain time period. It also depends on how well you manage your investment risk by diversifying your investment portfolio.

Below we have listed some examples of safe investment plans that provide higher returns.

  1. High-yielding savings account
  2. High-yielding money market account
  3. Certificates of Deposit (CDS)
  4. Treasury securities
  5. Government bond funds
  6. Short-term corporate bond funds
  7. Dividend-paying stocks
  8. Rental housing
  9. Annuities
  10. Mutual funds
*Tax benefits are as per existing tax laws which are subject to change.

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