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Get Your Lapsed Policy Reinstated

Financially secure your family even when you are not around. Life Insurance pays a lump sum of money and helps provide for your loved ones in case the unthinkable happens.

Please click here to initiate your payment to reinstate your plan today.

  • Please be informed that this may also require filling up of the Declaration of Good Health form, while providing your complete details along with relevant documents.
  • Please find the guidance snapshot in Declaration of Good health form to get help in filling up the form
  • Whether further underwriting is necessary, depends on the amount of lapsed time since the last premium paid under the policy.
  • Submit the required documents (if required) at any Aviva Life Insurance Branch or email us at from your registered email id.

The form needs to be duly signed by the life insured and the policy holder, if the policy holder is different from the life insured.

Why shouldn’t you let your insurance policy lapse?

Life Insurance is a simple way to take care of your loved ones after you are gone. This will further ensure that your family continues to live the life you always planned together without the added strain that comes with the loss of income. The proceeds from a Life insurance pay-out can help provide you and your family with the financial comfort and freedom the policyholder intended you to have.

That is why having a life insurance is of utmost importance. 

It is crucial to understand that a life insurance policy remains active as long as you pay your premiums regularly. However, if you stop paying your premium and your policy lapses, a life insurance policy ceases to be an active contract. This means that if anything unfortunate were to happen, the policyholder loses all its benefits. However, most companies give their clients an opportunity for reinstating the policy within Two years – Five years from the date of first unpaid premium as per the Term & Condition of the product. This usually involves requesting for a reinstatement form and applying in writing to have the cover reinstated.

Why is Life Insurance Necessary?

More often than not, most people who aren't in a position to revive the policy tend to pull out owing to ignorance or simply putting insurance on the back-burner. However, life is full of uncertainties and while the possibility of something untoward happening to you might not be a hot topic of discussion, most people realize the price of ignorance much later. If paying a lump sum at once poses an issue, you can even opt to change the frequency to monthly or quarterly payments. The premium might go up slightly, but at least the situation becomes manageable. Life for the future and when planned properly can help keep your family protected in case of any eventualities. Paying life insurance premiums on time should therefore remain a top priority for all of us.

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AN: Nov 23/22

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