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AN: Mar 27/22.

Online Insurance Plans

Aim for more. Plan & achieve your life goals with smart investments.

Buying life insurance is a wise decision. Buying it online is a wiser decision with no hassles. However, when it comes to protecting your family or securing your future, you should not buy just any run-off-the-mill insurance plan from the internet. It is better to choose the best  online life insurance policy available .

Aviva’s online insurance plans come with the convenience of affordable premiums, reduced paperwork and an easy-to-follow buying process that makes it almost as easy as shopping online. Aviva’s online insurance plans come with clearly-outlined benefits, illustrated examples and quick purchase options thus, aiding in faster decisions.

Explore Our Range of Online Insurance

We understand that one type of insurance plan cannot fulfill the needs of all our customers. Therefore our online insurance plans, come with the flexibility to choose the duration, premium paying term, sum assured and premium amount as per your requirement, that allows you to make an informed choice.

Aviva’s  wide range of online insurance plans are built to suit your needs for different stages of life.

Savings & Investment Plans: Save on both time and money by opting for online Savings & Investment plans from Aviva. Get great returns to fulfill your life goals in a hassle-free, quick and convenient process.

Child Insurance: Our online child insurance plans provides you with the convenience and options to choose from various premium bands to secure your child’s future. Unsure an interrupted education of your little one with our online child insurance plans.

Our Online Plans

Online solutions across categories, to meet all your life-stage goals

Online ULIP that optimizes your return on investment

Aviva i-Growth

Key Benefits
  • Minimum charge structure with the total effect on your premium as low as 1% excluding mortality
  • Flexibility to maximize your returns by switching between the 4 funds as per your risk appetite
  • Option to secure life cover amount that is 10 or 20 times your annual income.

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Guaranteed income plan that offers payout for 12 years

Aviva New Family Income Builder

Key Benefits
  • Guaranteed Income for self or family for 12 years
  • Pay for 12 years and get double of the premiums paid over the next 12 years
  • Tax deduction on premiums paid and tax exemption under 80(C), 10 (10D)

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Online child education plan with guaranteed* returns

Aviva Young Scholar Secure

Key Benefits
  • Life cover with guaranteed* payouts at key stages of child’s education. * T&C apply
  • No need to pay future premiums in case of death of insured parent
  • Tax deduction on premiums paid and tax exemption under 80(C), 10 (10D) as per prevailing tax laws subject to change

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Savings plan that guarantees* payout at maturity

Aviva New Wealth Builder

Key Benefits
  • Option to choose from multiple premium payment frequencies
  • Entry age upto 60 years
  • Enjoy higher maturity payout on survival for higher premiums

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A Unit Linked Insurance Plan for wealth creation & financial security, with added convenience

Aviva Fortune Plus Plan

Key Benefits
  • Choice of 8 unit-linked fund options
  • Partial withdrawal & Systematic partial withdrawal options
  • Applicable Tax Benefits under sections 80(C), 10 (10D)

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Savings plan to build a corpus, while periodically giving money back during the policy term

Aviva Nivesh Bima

Key Benefits
  • Flexibility to choose life cover as required
  • Entry age upto 60 years depending on policy term
  • Option to choose add-on Accidental death cover with the policy

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Why Buy Insurance Plans Online?

Because at Aviva, we ensure to Kill Complexity for you through Simplicity

Simplified Process

When you buy a life insurance policy online, you are instantly insured without taking the effort of physically visiting an office/branch or maintaining any paperwork

Information at Fingertips

You get easy access to product brochures, illustrations, terms, policy schedules and other details in just a few clicks

Dedicated online services

Our online Customer Portal- My Aviva, is here to service all your requirements like renewals, premium payments and other requests post purchase of your insurance plan with Aviva

Straight from our customers

The why, what & how of Online Insurance

All your questions and doubts answered by our group of experts.

Child Insurance

Benefits of Online Health Insurance Plans

From buying a plan to settling your claim, online route helps you to complete processes within seconds

Child Insurance

Get Insured at the click of your mouse

Securing your Heart with the right Health Insurance Cover is the need of the hour

Child Insurance

Plan your child’s future education

The birth of a child is one of the most important events in one’s life

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying an Aviva Online Insurance plan is simple:

  • Visit our online term insurance page and select the term plan that best suits your needs.
  • Check the product details and calculate the premium amount for the assured sum you are aiming for.
  • Once you are satisfied with the details, fill out the necessary information such as your name, phone, and email ID.
  • Next, as per the frequency chosen, pay the premium online and complete the documentation process.

For any assistance on our online term plans, you can request a call from our online service executives who will guide you through all the steps in your online journey with us.

Aviva’s online insurance plans, give you the flexibility to choose the duration, premium paying term, sum assured and premium amount as per your requirement, before you purchase it. Simply,

  • Visit the Aviva Life Insurance website and check out our different plans
  • Choose the plan that best suits your needs
  • Depending upon the plan, choose from available rider benefits or change the frequency of premium payment according to your needs

Some of our insurance plans offer additional death benefits through riders and maturity benefits too. You can see the details for the plans on our website or contact our customer support to know more about customizing online life insurance plans.

Aviva offers a variety of term plans that cater to different aspects of your insurance needs like protection upon death, savings, and child insurance. Before buying any of our online term plans, check out the details and features that the plan is offering. Ensure that you choose the plan most appropriate to your needs. Here are the things you should look out for while buying term insurance online:

  • Plan premium
  • Flexible options offered in the plan
  • Claim settlement policy

Our website has all our online plans explained in sufficient details for you to compare and finalize the policy of your choice

Your claims are our utmost priority. For claiming a policy with Aviva, you can reach out to us about the death of insured over the telephone or via email with all the relevant forms available on our website . You may also inform us and request a claim via our online intimation page.

No. The premium amount (base premium) remains the same during the entire duration of the policy. The tax component can change depending on the Tax laws. The policies are purchased best at an early age.

Yes. Considering the busy schedules and hectic lifestyle that we all lead, buying an online child insurance plan will only help.

An online child insurance comes with the following benefits:

  • Calculated accurate premium values
  • An easy way to view and compare plan options
  • Accessibility to product brochures, terms & conditions, and more

It can be ten times or even fifteen or twenty times your annual income, plus any outstanding loan amounts taken into consideration. The optimum value will, therefore, vary upon your financial situation and your needs and requirements.

To know what’s the best value of life cover to opt for, request a call from our executives. We would be happy to help you.

We are always there to assist you

Jan 5/20