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Aviva Young Scholar Secure

Secure your child's education milestones

A traditional life insurance plan to secure important milestones of your child's education.

*Guaranteed Money back

Waiver of future premiums in case of death of the insured

^Tax benefits on all premiums paid

*Guaranteed benefits are available only if all due premiums are paid. ^Tax Benefits are as per prevailing tax laws which are subject to change. AN: Mar 25/22, UIN: 122N092V03

Aviva Young Scholar Secure

When you hold your child, the little bundle of joy in your arms, it gives you an immense sense of happiness as well as a sense of responsibility. While you are reminiscing the moment of being a parent, let Aviva be your ally in fulfilling your responsibility of securing your child’s future with Aviva Young Scholar Secure.

As your child grows, they will pass major milestones in life, and education is one of them. With the rising cost of education and an increasing inflation rate, savings are not enough to equip your child with a quality education to ensure a successful and sustainable future. By Investing in an education plan for your child such as Aviva Young Scholar Secure, you can ensure building enough education corpus for your child’s education from the start and provide them with a platform to embrace and enhance their potential for comprehensive growth.

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Why should you buy Aviva Young Scholar Secure

Aviva Young Scholar Secure is that one plan which offers you both, wealth creation and financial security, with added convenience.

  • Tuition Fee Support (TFS): An annual payout from age 13 to age 17 of the child is paid to help for that coaching class fees or to help your child pursue some extra curricular activity

  • College Admission Fund (CAF): When your child turns 18 and is ready to pursue their future college education, you receive a lump sum amount to finance your child’s dream of studying at the best institution. So your child gets the freedom to choose a college, university, or programme of their choice, without holding any possible stress of a financial burden.

  • Higher Education Reserve (HER): Dreams don't have an end, and this is the time when your child turns 21, ready to pursue higher education abroad. Another milestone that needs your support, emotionally and financially. This fund can be used to manage your child's post-graduation expenses while supporting their dream.

Benefits of Aviva Young Scholar Secure

  • Death Benefit: As a child insurance plan, Aviva Young Scholar Secure offers death benefit. In the event of any unforeseen event or demise of the life insured, the nominee receives the death Sum Assured Tax benefits

    • You also receive tax benefits. You can enjoy several tax benefits under Aviva Young Scholar Secure. All premiums paid towards Aviva Young Scholar Secure up to Rs. 1,50,000 are exempted from the taxable income under section 80C.
    • Furthermore, you can also avail of the tax exemption under section 10(10(d)) of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Only after you meet the conditions as provided under the section.
  • Benefits of flexible premiums: Aviva Young Scholar Secure allows you the flexibility of premium payment at your convenience. Under this plan, you can choose to pay premiums monthly, half-yearly, or annually, depending upon your income patterns as per your comfort level.

Frequently Asked Questions

Aviva Young Scholar Secure is a type of child insurance plan that is savings-oriented. This plan helps parents financially prepare for their child’s education. At the same time, you can secure their financial future in case of an unfortunate demise of the life insured. Under this plan, the policy term and premium paying term is linked to the age of child at entry. You will receive tuition fees and lump sum amounts during the tenure of this plan. This helps you to manage the college and post-graduation expenses of your child.

By investing in Aviva’s Young Scholar Secure, you guarantee funds for each of the milestones of your child’s education, from school years to college to post-graduation.

Tuition Fee Support (TFS): You will receive guaranteed annual payouts starting at the end of the Premium Paying Term and thereafter every year until your child turns 17 years of age. This may help you meet the tuition expenses of your child up to class 12th.

College Admission Fund (CAF): You will receive a lump sum amount that can be utilised at the time of college admission when your child turns 18 years old.

Higher Education Reserve (HER): You will receive another lump sum amount, which can help provide for the post-graduation expenses when your child turns 21 years old.

The minimum entry age for parents is 21 years old and the maximum is up to 50 years old. The entry age of the child should be in between 0-12 years.

The policy term for this plan is 21 minus the age of entry of the child. You can choose a premium payment frequency of annually, half-yearly or monthly.

To invest in the Aviva Young Scholar Secure plan, you can choose from the 4 plan options ranging from Rs. 33,000 to Rs. 10,00,000 per annum.

You can buy the Aviva Young Scholar Secure plan via our official policy agents or by visiting the nearest official Aviva insurance offices. However, you can also buy Aviva’s investment plans via our official website.

You can buy Aviva’s investment plans by following these steps.

Step 1: Visit Aviva’s official website and select the Aviva Young Scholar Secure plan.
Step 2: Then, choose the policy term and premium payment option as per your convenience.
Step 3: Choose the additional protection or riders you desire.
Step 4: You can place a call by dialling our toll-free customer care number to meet Aviva’s financial advisor.

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AN Apr 56/22, UIN: 122N092V03
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