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Walk hand-in-hand with financial growth and secured future with ULIPs.

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    Investment Flexibility: You can choose from multiple unit-linked funds as per your risk appetite

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    Switch between funds: Advantage of managing your funds and switching between fundsto capitalize on market opportunities Easy

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    Withdrawal options: Partial and systematic partial withdrawal from your funds

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Unit Linked Insurance Plan

Unit Linked Insurance Plan which you might know as ULIP is among the best market-linked investment plans. Its dual benefits of life insurance cover, as well as a long-term investment, serve the purpose of the investors like you who wish to accumulate corpus to achieve your life goals as well as secure your family's future in your absence. ULIP policy does both these jobs in a single plan. ..Read More

What is the ULIP plan?

ULIP plan is a market-linked insurance cum investment plan that offers dual benefits. When you invest in a ULIP policy a part of your premium goes towards a life insurance cover while the remaining part is invested in different funds of your choice to accumulate a large corpus over the long term.

In simple words, if you invest in the best ULIP plans you can save some money for your future goals while the life cover from this plan helps secure your family's financial future in case something unfortunate happens to you.

How ULIP Works

How does one plan - Unit linked insurance policy serve the dual benefits? How does the plan work? Let's understand.

ULIP insurance serves as both life insurance and long-term investment. Specific to the death benefit upon the unfortunate demise of the life insured during the policy tenure the assured sum is paid to the nominee.

In case the life insured survives the policy tenure they receive the maturity amount of their ULIP policy.

When you consider making a ULIP investment you can decide the assured amount based on your financial goals, the type of lifestyle you want to provide to your loved ones, your risk as well investment appetite.

Based on these factors you can also choose to invest a part of your ULIP investment either in equity, debt, or balanced funds to generate desired returns to fulfill your financial goals.

Benefits of Investing in ULIPs

Along with the dual benefits of investment and insurance ULIP plan offers other key benefits. Here are some of the benefits of ULIP.

  1. Flexible investment
    One of the major benefits ULIP plans offer is the flexibility of investment. You can manage and control your investment through:
    ​● Premium redirection
    To get more out of your investment you can choose to redirect your future premiums to different funds of your choice.
    ● Top-up
    Through this option, you can invest any windfall gains into your existing plan to receive more financial benefits.
    ● Fund-switch
    As per your investment and risk appetite, you can switch between the various funds offered in your ULIP Policy which could equity oriented, debt oriented ,or balanced funds.
  2. Financial protection
    ULIPs offer life cover to the nominee as a death benefit, which helps financially protect your family in your absence.
  3. Tax benefits*
    ULIP offers tax benefits under section 80C of the Income Tax Act 1961. Premiums of up to Rs. 1.5 lakhs paid towards a ULIP policy are allowed to be exempt from your taxable income. Moreover, as ULIPs are insurance products, they also come with tax benefits* *Tax benefits are as per existing tax laws which are subject to change.
  4. Growth potential
    Staying invested in equity and debt funds through ULIP long-term will certainly help you achieve your financial goals of buying your dream car, house, supporting your child's higher education, your early retirement, and more.
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ULIP Plans from Aviva India

It’s not just a ULIP insurance plan – it’s a safety net you cast around your loved ones

Unit linked plan to optimize your return

Aviva Affluence

Key Benefits
  • You can choose the policy term to match your financial goals
  • You can pay premiums as per your convenience for 7, 10, or 15 years or the entire period of the policy
  • You can opt for Systematic Transfer Plan and enjoy Rupee Cost Averaging through systematic investment into equity market weekly or monthly. This feature comes with no extra cost

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Online ULIP that optimizes your return on investment

Aviva i-Growth

Key Benefits
  • Minimum charge structure with the total effect on your premium as low as 1% excluding mortality
  • Flexibility to maximize your returns by switching between the 3 funds as per your risk appetite
  • Option to secure life cover amount that is 10 or 20 times your annual income.

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Flexibility to manage your money

Aviva Signature Investment Plan

Key Benefits
    • Freedom to align the investment horizon to the planned financial needs by choice of the premium paying terms
    • Flexibility to manage your money
    • Transparency of your investments

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A Unit Linked Insurance Plan for wealth creation & financial security, with added convenience

Aviva Fortune Plus Plan

Key Benefits
  • Choice of 7 unit-linked fund options
  • Partial withdrawal & Systematic partial withdrawal options
  • Applicable Tax Benefits under sections 80(C), 10 (10D)

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How to Choose the Best ULIP Plan

When considering a Unit Linked Insurance Plan choosing the best one is essential to get the most out of your savings. While the best ULIP plan will vary from person to person as it is based on various factors such as plan features, financial goals etc.

Performance of ULIP funds

Before investing in ULIP funds make sure you check their long-term performance. ULIP funds can be equity, debt, as well as balanced funds. Thus, you should invest in the type of funds that suit your financial goals considering how much amount you can invest, and how much investment risk you can bear. When checking the performance of ULIP funds consider their long-term benchmarks, for example, Nifty 50, BSE 200, NSE 500, or Crisil Composite Bond Index. DISCLAIMER : PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEED FOR FUTURE RESULTS


The various policy charges in ULIPs are transparent and are deducted from the premium you pay. such as premium allocation charges, policy administration, and fund management charges, fund switching, discontinued premium, and mortality charge. Understand all these charges and how they work and consider a ULIP plan with affordable charges.

Investment strategies

Some of the best ULIP plans offer various investment strategies such as SIP and lifecycle-based investment. Choose the plan that offers the investment strategies suitable to your financial goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

ULIP offers the benefits of both investment and insurance. The regular payouts that the ULIP plan offers can help you achieve your financial goals of buying a car, property, your child's higher education, and so on. On the other hand, the life cover secures your loved ones financially in case something unfortunate happens to you. ULIP also induces the habit of regular savings which over the long term becomes a key to your successful financial planning. Moreover, it also provides tax benefits on both premium as well as maturity amounts. So ULIP is a good investment option for those who want to generate a future corpus, secure their family's financial future, and save taxes.

There is no right or wrong time to invest in ULIP.. However, the earlier you start investing more time you get to generate desired returns without taking unnecessary risks. As you start early when you have fewer responsibilities and more risk-taking abilities you can use this time to generate more corpus gradually decreasing your investment risks as your responsibilities grow.

The best ULIP plan depends on various factors such as the financial goals you want to achieve, policy tenure, risk as well as investment appetite. When considering the best ULIP plan also consider the factors we have mentioned above in the "how to choose the best ULIP plan" section. Before you make the final decision, compare different ULIP plans online and consider the reviews from the former or current ULIP investors. This will help you invest your hard-earned money in the right place.

ULIPs are non guaranteed and the minimum guarantee in a ULIP is the Sum Assured that is paid on the death of the life insured.

ULIP plan offers dual benefits of insurance policy and long-term investment. It provides life cover upon the death of the life insured . If the life insured survives the policy tenure, they receive the maturity amount of the ULIP plan. As for the investment part of the ULIP policy, it helps in wealth creation for you and your family. ULIP also offers attractive tax benefits which is why most investors consider ULIP investment to save taxes while enjoying other benefits.

There are various charges allocated to the ULIP plan. Some of these are - ● Premium allocation charges ● Policy administration charge ● Fund management charge ● Fund switching charge ● Policy discontinuation charge ● Mortality charge Before investing in a ULIP plan, understand all the charges associated with it and consider the plan that offers charges that are affordable to you.

You can calculate your ULIP fund value by doing a simple calculation. For that, you have to multiply the units of each fund with the Net Asset Value(NAV) of a fund on that day. You can check the updated NAVs on the respective company's website or through share market news. Another easy way to track your ULIP fund value is by logging in to your secured account on AVIVA's website.

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