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Group Insurance Plans

Ensure the wellbeing of your workgroup!

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Group Insurance Plans

A perfect way to ensure the wellbeing of your second family - your workgroup!

Group Life Insurance is offered by companies and organizations to their employees and group members.         
Your employees are one of the most important assets of your business. Group life insurance offers financial security to your employees and group members. The group insurance policy offers coverage to your employees based on their annual income. You can choose from scheduled assured sum for your firm and extend that friendly hand to your employees in their tough times.

Our Group Plans

Additional benefit Options available under this plan

Aviva New Group Term Life

Key Benefits
  • Short Term Plan :The plan provides life insurance coverage in form of a lump sum benefit
  • OYRGTA Plan : The plan provides life insurance coverage in form of a lump sum benefit

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Coverage for your institution against loans

Aviva Group Credit Life

Key Benefits
  • Covers a wide variety of loans
  • Option of single or limited pay variants

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Unit linked plan to manage employee gratuity

Aviva Group Gratuity Advantage

Key Benefits
  • Helps manage gratuity liability for corporate
  • Option to choose from 7 funds as per requirement
  • Actuarial and Administrative support if required

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Secure the future of your employees

Aviva Group Life Protect

Key Benefits
  • Option of flat or reducing cover
  • Life coverage up to 30 years

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Secure your employees and protect their families

Aviva Corporate Life Plus

Key Benefits
  • Low cost life cover for employees
  • Additional cover for accidental death and permanent disability
  • Coverage with minimal medical formalities

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Secure your employees with life cover up to Rs. 10 Lacs

Aviva Credit Assure

Key Benefits
  • Life cover ranging from Rs.5,000 to Rs. 10,00,000
  • Option for a member to cover the spouse

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Coverage for your institution against loans

Aviva Credit Suraksha

Key Benefits
  • Option of flat, graded or loan linked life cover
  • Optional life cover for the spouse of a member

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ULIP with flexibility to choose from 8 fund options

Aviva New Group Leave Encashment Plan

Key Benefits
  • ULIP with flexibility to choose from 8 fund options
  • The option to switch between various funds without any charges

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A gratuity and leave encashment savings plan

Aviva New Traditional Employee Benefit Plan

Key Benefits
  • Employees up to the age of 74 are covered

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Surakshit hoga sabka kal Insurance paan ab hua saral

Aviva Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojna

Key Benefits
  • The Aviva Pradhan Mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojna benefits are valid for one year
  • The scheme’s master policyholder will be a participating bank

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Surakshit hoga sabka kal Insurance paana ab hua saral

Aviva Pravasi Bhartiya Jeevan Bima Yojana

Key Benefits
  • This plan offers financial protection at an affordable cost
  • It has easy processing and enrolment with no medical examination

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Group Insurance policy is a single master policy that covers all employees or members of your firm. A group may consist of employees or colleagues from a similar field of work such as lawyers, doctors, as well as members of cooperative banks or credit societies.
  • A policy can be classified as:

    Contributory Scheme: Where both the employer and employees pay a premium towards a group insurance policy.

    Non-Contributory Scheme: Where the whole premium is paid by either the employer or nodal agency, which is a direct concerned office responsible for a consultation or execution of the government initiated projects.

  • There are two types of group insurance products in the market. You can either choose from Term-Insurance based policies or Fund-Management based schemes.

  • Based on your annual gross income and dependents, you can choose from basic, supplemental or dependent coverage.
  • Coverage offers assured sum depending on your gross annual income, whereas supplemental group insurance offers 1-3 times your basic coverage. Dependent coverage lets you choose a certain assured sum on your spouse and child based on your marital status.

An organization’s employees and members including partners, proprietors, and full-time employees can request insurance on either an immediate basis or after completing six months of service, whichever option your firm has selected. However, firms having less than 25 eligible employees need to provide evidence of insurability to get the benefits of group policy. Usually, the request for insurance coverage from individuals from your firm is accepted based on their answers to certain questions without further medical evidence.

Under a group life insurance policy, firms can select from scheduled coverage sum. However, the assured sum of coverage for employees is based on their annual income. For your firm’s coverage, you can choose the protection from 1-3 times annual salary based on the selected schedule of coverage. Coverage assured for your employees shouldn’t exceed your firm’s maximum scheduled amount. Proprietors and partners of your firm under a certain age can be covered in group policy irrespective of their earnings.

This is one of the major questions employees have regarding the group insurance policy. Well, if you’re terminating your employment, you can continue your coverage if you wish. For that, you need to convert to an individual life policy. However, you need to either convert or port your policy within a specific time after termination to continue with your life insurance policy.

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