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Aviva Jana Suraksha


Aviva Jana Suraksha is a term insurance plan that provides comprehensive financial protection for your children/dependants through:

  1. Low cost life insurance
  2. *Guaranteed lump sum amount in case of your death during the term of the policy.

*Guaranteed benefits are available only if all due premiums are paid.


  1. Entry age: 18 to 45 years
  2. Policy Term: 5 or 10 years, subject to the maximum maturity age of 50 or 55 years respectively
  3. Premium payment term: Single Premium or Equal to the policy term
  4. Annual Premium: Depends on life cover
  5. Premium Payment Frequency: Single, Annually, Half yearly, Quarterly or Monthly

Easy Steps to your plan

Step 1

Decide the level of protection you want . This will influence the choice of premium and the policy term

Minimum life cover (Sum Assured) is Rs. 25,000 and Maximum is Rs 50,000, subject to Board approved underwriting policy.

Step 2

Arrive at the policy term by choosing the period for which you want protection

5 or 10 years subject to Entry Age (18-45 years) Maturity Age (50 or 55 years)

Step 3

Select the Premium frequency based on your convenience

Single or Regular (equal to policy term) via Yearly, Half Yearly, Quarterly & Monthly modes

Step 4

Work out the premium payable along with our Financial Planning Adviser

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What am I going to get?

Death Benefit:

In the event of your death, sum assured will be paid to the nominee. Double the Life Cover will be paid in the case of an accidental death.   

Tax Benefit:

The Policy offers tax benefits as per the prevailing laws of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Tax laws are subject to change


This illustration is for a sum insured of Rs. 30,000.

Premium FrequencyPolicy Term (Years)Premium (Rs.) for Age Group
0-5 Yrs6-10 Yrs11-25 Yrs
 Annualized Premium5210236270
Single Premium57809001050

“Annualized Premium” shall be the premium amount payable in a year chosen by the policyholder, excluding the taxes, rider premiums, underwriting extra premiums and loadings for modal premiums, if any.

“Single Premium” shall be the premium amount excluding the taxes, rider premiums and underwriting extra premiums, if any.

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Advt No: Feb 16/20