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We all have aspirations and milestones that we hope to achieve in our life. Be it commitments such as a child’s education/marriage, or dreams of purchasing a house, or retiring comfortably. We plan for the time when these events are likely to happen, but don’t always plan for having enough to fulfil them as per our dreams. At Aviva we recognise this and have specially designed Aviva Wealth Builder plan to help you achieve these dreams to the fullest. This life insurance plan guarantees double the amount of total premium that you pay, at maturity. That’s not all, Aviva Wealth Builder also ensures that your family is well protected, in case you are not around. So, go ahead and fulfil your dreams. Key attractions of the plan are:

•Doubles your money for defined milestones

•Guaranteed protection for your family in case of your death 

•Flexibility in choosing premium payment and policy terms

•Tax Benefits at the time of investment as well as maturity, for regular premium policies


Entry Age(last birthday) Minimum: 5 years 
Maximum: 50 years 
Maturity Age (last birthday) Minimum: 18 years 
Maximum: 63 years (Single Premium); 67 years (Regular Premium)
Policy Term & Premium Payment Term (in years)
Policy Term Premium Payment Term              
13 Single Premium
15 5
17 10 
Minimum Premium Regular Premium: Rs.50,000 p.a. + applicable taxes
Single Premium: Rs.1,50,000 + applicable taxes
Maximum Premium (per Life) Rs.1,00,00,000
Maximum/ Minimum Sum Assured  
Premium Payment Term Minimum Sum Assured (Rs.)    Maximum Sum Assured (Rs.)          
Single 3,00,150        2,00,25,000               
5 years 7,50,562.50 10,01,50,000
10 years 10,01,750  20,05,00,000
Maximum Sum Assured per life (Rs.) is subject to Board approved underwriting policy
Premium Paying Frequency Single or Annual
Please Note:

1.“*Annualized/Single  Premium” shall be the premium amount payable in a year chosen by the policyholder, excluding the taxes, rider premiums, underwriting extra premiums and loadings for modal premiums, if any.

2.*Single pemium excludes underwriting extra premium and taxes, if any.

3.Taxes including but not limited to Goods & Services Tax, Cesses as applicable shall also be levied as notified by the Government from time to time. Tax laws are subject to change.

4.The policy can be backdated within current financial year by paying interest @9% p.a. compounding monthly, for the backdated period in addition to the applicable premium.
5.If the insured is minor at inception of the policy:
-  the risk shall commence immediately
- the premiums will be payable by the policyholder who can either be a parent or grandparent or guardian of the insured. In case of death of the policyholder before the policy term is over, future premiums can be paid by the surviving parent/legal guardian of the insured. If the insured is a minor and in case future premiums are not paid, lapse/paid-up provisions will apply.
- In case of death of the policyholder when the life insured is a minor, the surviving parent/legal guardian of the life insured shall deem to be the policyholder on admission of claim and submission of documentary evidence.
-The policy shall vest in the insured on his/her completion of 18 years of age.

Benefits That I Will Receive

Maturity Benefit:

•Sum Assured (double of the sum of premiums paid excluding taxes and extra premiums, if any) will be paid at maturity, if all due premiums are paid and the life insured survives till maturity date. 


Death Benefit

•In case of death of the life insured, the payout to the nominee will be equal to the Sum Assured, provided all due premiums till date of death are paid.


Tax Benefits:

The policy is eligible for tax benefits as defined under section 80C and 10 (10D).  Tax benefits are as per prevailing tax laws which are subject to change


For other terms and conditions in the product please refer to product sales brochure.

Easy Steps to Plan

Step 1                 

Choose the premium amount depending upon corpus you wish to build to meet your financial goals

Step 2

Choose the Premium Payment Term basis your convenience and policy term option depending on the time when you need it

Step 3

Click on the view illustration to know your maturity value and other benefits in your policy

Step 4

Call at our Toll Free Customer Care number and fix an appointment to meet our Financial Planning Adviser