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Introducing Aviva Fortune Plus: A plan that makes your money multitask

Disclaimer: In this policy, the investment risk in the portfolio is borne by the policy holder.

When you invest your hard-earned savings, you want to earn the best returns on your investments. This helps you create an optimal corpus to fulfil your financial goals. But what if your money gives you more than just returns?

Aviva has introduced a unique Unit-Linked Insurance Plan (ULIP) to its portfolio, Aviva Fortune Plus, which makes your money multitask. Besides providing multiple options to invest in market-linked funds, Aviva Fortune Plus also gives life insurance coverage. So, you get dual benefits on your investments – returns and insurance.

Moreover, the benefits do not stop here. There is much more to the plan. Let’s explore–

USP of Aviva Fortune Plus

Return of charges

One of the most exciting features of Aviva Fortune Plus is the return of charges that were deducted through the policy term. The following charges would be added back to the fund value on the maturity of the plan –

  • Premium allocation charges
  • Mortality charges
  • Policy administration charges
    *excluding any taxes

Thus, your fund value is enhanced, and you get the best returns on your investments.


Coverage enhancement with Add-on benefits

Life is uncertain, and if you want enhanced protection against possible contingencies, Aviva Fortune Plus allows you extra coverage through–

  • Accidental Death Benefit – get an additional sum assured in the case of accidental death.

  • Waiver of Premium– double up your ULIP as a child plan. You can buy the policy for your child and add this benefit to your policy. In the event of your death (proposer) during the policy term, any future premiums shall be borne by Aviva so that the policy continues as usual and your child gets the corpus that you planned for them.


Flexible benefits, just for you

Aviva Fortune Plus allows you to choose the policy term, premium paying term, and the premium amount. So that you can design your plan as per your needs to get the maximum out of your money. On top of that, you can extend your coverage by 5 to 10 years beyond the original maturity date.

Thus, you can stay invested for a longer tenure for wealth creation and enjoy extended insurance coverage.


Enhance your investments whenever you want

If you enjoy attractive returns on your investments, you can invest additional money to maximise wealth creation. Aviva Fortune Plus permits top-up premiums wherein you can pay additional premiums towards your policy. Top-up premiums also enhance the sum assured and give you increased coverage against uncertainties.


Systemize your investments and withdrawals

With Aviva Fortune Plus, you can opt for the Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) and invest in equity systematically. This would help you avoid exposing your investments to volatility risks all at once. Instead, your investment would be gradually transferred to the equity fund in instalments to smoothen out market risks. Thereafter, in the last two policy years, your equity investment is gradually directed to the debt fund to book profits to avoid capital erosion due to sudden market changes. Thus, with the STP option, you can enjoy equity returns with minimized risks.

You can also opt for the Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP) that allows you to take systematic withdrawals from your fund. If you opt for the SWP option, you can withdraw the fund value in instalments to create a source of regular income.

Both the STP and SWP options give you a systematic approach to investment and redemption.


Different funds for different risk profiles

Every investor is different. Aviva understands this and offers you a choice of seven fund options under Aviva Fortune Plus. You can choose from:

  • Balanced Fund-II
  • Bond Fund-II
  • Enhancer Fund-II
  • Growth Fund-II
  • Infrastructure Fund
  • Protector Fund-II
  • PSU Fund

and invest as per your risk appetite and investment strategy. You can also choose multiple funds for risk diversification and wealth maximization.


Besides these unique benefits, Aviva Fortune Plus offers you the flexibility of partial withdrawals, free switches and premium redirections to manage your investments. With so many benefits available at your disposal, there’s no limit to what your money can do.

So, experience the benefits of Aviva Fortune Plus that would let your money multitask for you so that you can create a good corpus for your goals and achieve financial independence.


Aviva Fortune Plus(UIN: 122L137V01) is A Unit Linked Non Participating Individual Life Insurance Plan.




AN May 41/21

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