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The secret to a longer, healthier life

How to live a long and healthy life

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On 29th September 2019, the world celebrated World Heart Day, and we are here to tell you what you probably have heard most Guru’s, social media influencers and your spiritually connected neighbor say. You probably have heard them, but not LISTENED to them. The answer that is closest to full-proof, without a surprise is-


Yoga has, sadly, been reduced to something that people showcase on social media to promote a calm aesthetic. The pretzel position on a wooden panelled terrace has become the dream, but in reality, the practice has engaged both the body and the mind for over five centuries. The entire concept gained momentum as the health benefits that accompany the exercise were shed light upon. It is said to strengthen your muscles, burn more calories and build on a balance between the mind and the body- a union of the two with the soul.

While we are here to tell you Why You need Life Insurance, we also are here to tell you how being in the best of your health is important for yourself! Yoga is that friend who does not drain you, but simultaneously strengthens your mind and stimulates it in all the right ways. Here are a few ways in which you will benefit from practising Yoga regularly:

Get a perfect posture

If you are a thirty-year-old with the back pains of a ninety-year-old, you are not alone!

In a world where working at your desk for over ten hours is glorified, it becomes imperative for people to become aware of the kind of toll it takes on your body to keep your head upright. Fatigue is experienced by most, which is merely the start of the domino chain, which leads to poor posture. The strain on your spine and neck can result in you slumping, which the body compensates for by flattening the natural inward curve in the lower back region, which can cause arthritis and back pains.

With yoga, you tend to stretch your body and with it put your natural flexibility to use. It strengthens muscles and helps you endure specific postures for extended periods of time without compromising on your posture.

Keep your heart healthy

WHO released stats that around 31% of the total deaths in the world are from Cardiovascular Diseases. High blood pressure, high cholesterol are the natural companion of the lifestyles that we have opted for. In this rat race, people have chosen to forget about the one thing that keeps them going- their heart.

Yoga and meditation are said to reduce the risk of heart disease in people by improving cardiovascular conditioning. It lowers the resting heart rate and ups your endurance while improving the maximum uptake of oxygen during your exercise routine. It is always prudent to be doubly sure about protecting your heart, after all it’s the one thing that beats not just for yourself, but for the ones you love too. Aviva Heart Care is one such health insurance plan that’s got you covered, even if your heart actually does skip a beat someday. (sadly, ofcourse!)

For those suffering from high blood pressure or hypertension swear by yoga helping them drop points in their systolic blood pressure. It soothes the nerves and helps slow down abnormal heart rate, hence, regulating your blood pressure levels.

Support those joints

As the human race becomes lazier, the joints of each individual start deteriorating due to not getting proper lubrication. Each time you practise yoga, your joints undergo a range of motions. The movement of your joints prevents degenerative arthritis and other joint diseases. Joint cartilages are said to be like sponges that when get dry tend to wear out. Yoga keeps your joint juices in check and provides them with the fluids it needs to sustain.

Keeps yourself content

Feeling sad? Sit in the Lotus position. Better yet, soar royally into King Dancer Pose. Studies have proved that consistent yoga practice helped people with depression by increasing their serotonin levels and decreasing the levels of monoamine oxidase, an enzyme that breaks down neurotransmitters, and cortisol.

Depression and anxiety are a byproduct of the fast-paced culture that we thrive in. Yoga is a complete juxtaposition of the same and allows you to release the stress that you have wound over time. Finding that balance while meditating can help release toxins from your brain, both chemically and emotionally. Stress can be the root cause of problems ranging from insomnia and migraine to lupus and acne. If one learns how to quieten their mind through yoga, they will live healthier.

Give your lungs room to breathe

Higher levels of oxygen in the air you breathe allow you to battle fatigue and keeps your energy high. Yoga increases your respiratory rates by a lot, and that saturate the oxygen levels in your blood. This leads to improved functions of your lungs, whilst also maximising the volume of your breath.

Yoga promotes breathing through the nose which humidifies and warms the air, preventing chances of asthma attacks in sensitive people.

Yoga is much more evolved that mere physical postures. It has graduated from the alignment of muscles and bones to a process that attunes your mind with your body and soul. It quietens your thoughts and helps your mind to calm down. People can use yoga for the purpose that serves them best. Having some alone with your body is extremely important if you wish to stay at par with this ever-evolving world.  By taking out even 20 minutes from your day to rebalance yourself can only prepare and help you flourish and prosper every day.

Yoga is for everybody, but not all kinds of yoga work for everyone. Find your fit and experience the difference. And don’t forget to check out our Health Insurance Plans to get yourself covered and be doubly sure of the protection of your health!


Oct 29/19

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