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6 Reasons to buy Life Insurance

Why do people buy life insurance?

To take care of the dependents?

To save taxes?

Or, create a source of savings?

There are more reasons than we can imagine for people to buy life insurance. In every case, life insurance can be the smartest thing people must have. If we truly consider the importance of life insurance, it should be a basic necessity for everyone. But, believe it or not, insurance penetration in India is only 3.69%, that too after the insurance sector boomed in the past few decades.

Life is full of uncertainty and choosing to ignore the reality is not the answer. If you are not convinced, read on some quirky reasons to buy a life insurance plan.

You are not a cat that has have nine lives

You cannot survive falling from great heights. Can you?

Neither can you twist in midair and land on your feet! Why?

Because you are not a cat, and you have only one life in hand to live happily and safely. Life is unpredictable, and miseries often knock the door unwarned. Your family is dependent on you, and in your absence, you certainly wouldn’t want them to face any financial issues. So, the best way to ensure a financially independent life for your loved ones is to purchase a life insurance plan.

You are no superhuman

The life of our superheroes is so exciting. Isn’t it? They are the mightiest creature on the earth, enjoy unbelievable health, have extreme stamina, and almost indestructible to dangers. No wonder why many of us often envy our agile, superfast, and powerful heroes. Unfortunately, we mortals are not blessed with these superpowers and so, are vulnerable to disease, accidents, and other miseries of life. However, in your life journey, life insurance serves you as a true friend that gives sufficient protection to you and your loved ones against unforeseen setbacks in the future. One more convincing reason to purchase life insurance plans!

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Your astrologer may be wrong

Do you check your horoscope the first thing in the morning?

Do you always carry your lucky charm?

Astrology is no claptrap for many of us, and we often trust our astrologers to make big decisions of our lives like job, marriage, business, spouse, and other stuff. Your astrologer may have predicted a long life for you, but this piece of information shouldn’t demotivate you from buying a life insurance policy. After all, you can’t know everything your stars have in the store for you and an insurance policy guards your loved ones from every financial crisis in your absence. So, do wear your gemstones but only after you have purchased a life insurance policy.

You are not Lord Yama

No introduction is required for Lord Yama – God of Death who is feared and respected by all mortals on the earth and is the first thing we all will be facing in the next world. He is the deity who takes care of souls and judges them based on their karma. So, listen to your wisdom and purchase a life insurance policy. May Lord Yama bless you a long life!

You are not a Lucky Character from Indian TV Soap!

We’ve all tasted the sheer ‘Creativity’ of Indian Television Soaps still airing their thousandth episode in 2019. While Script Writers and Directors are free to create and promote any kind of Fictional content on the television, most of what they promote is absolutely hilarious. One of the common themes they portrait is the ‘infinite’ lives the protagonist is born with. No matter if he/she gets killed in a car accident, no matter if he/she gets shot, or no matter if he/she gets poisoned, they will keep returning on the screen. Real life is nothing like Indian TV Soap, and you are not one of the famed immortal Beta or Bahu in it. Be wise and get a life insurance policy.  

Your loved ones cannot pay your debts

Home loan, car loan, personal loans, credit card bills, and several more types of debts will not disappear with you just because you have landed to heaven. Your family will be burdened with financial burdens.  A term insurance plan which is often dubbed as the purest form of life insurance takes care of your financial responsibilities even when you are not around.

 One of the common excuses people tend to make for not buying life insurance is cost. Perhaps they are not aware that they purchase a term insurance plan as cheap as the price of an apple! You don’t need to break the bank to purchase insurance.  Furthermore, the younger and healthier you are, the lower your premium will be.

Life is uncertain, and no one knows when misery comes after you. It could be today, tomorrow, or 60 years into the future. But, you can’t deny the fact that it will happen eventually. Life insurance protects your family from a financial crisis.

Make wise choices because Life is too short for long-term grudges – Elon Musk.

Jun 91/19

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