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Make sure your legacy is memorable with a Will!

Make sure your legacy is memorable with a Will

Did you know right at this very moment, you are creating and leaving a legacy for the world?

Your legacy is made up of all the tangible and intangible entities that you leave behind after you die. So, each interaction you have, each asset you own, and the impact you leave on people are all a part of your legacy. Most people do not realize this truth and hence, are unable to make the best of the present. This very often leads to a legacy that people aren’t proud of. Some of the most common words at the lips of the dying are ‘I wish I could have/ I should have’- unfulfilled wishes and dreams coming to the surface. So, if you haven’t begun to think of your legacy, now would be a good time. Another way to ensure that you leave a memorable legacy for the world? Write a Will.

What is a will and will writing?

You would have a faint (maybe even a definite) idea of what the will is through Bollywood films and soap operas.

Remember how the sons and daughters fought over the property of the parents and begrudged a particular sibling when they got it all? Well, all that happened because it was the father's will and he stated his wishes in a document called the 'Will.' Hence, a will can be simply defined as a legal document wherein a person states their wishes with regards to the distribution of their property, assets, and belongings.

The responsibility for the care of any minor children can also be stated. If you are a parent and you and your partner are preparing your wills, you can allocate a guardian for your child (ren) in case anything were to happen to you.

Why carry out will writing?

For this straightforward reason: protecting your family from ugly and undesirable internal conflicts and strife. Will writing also ensures that your hard-earned assets and belongings only pass on to the ones whom you deem fit and trust.

In India, however, a lot of people are ignorant about this process. This is due to a few skewed beliefs:

  • That your property and assets automatically fall into the hands of your partner and children upon your death.
  • That will writing is a long legal and tedious process involving a lot of energy and money expenditure.
  • That will writing is a morbid activity since one will have to think about one's death and how your children and/ or partner will have to live and manage for themselves afterward.

Let us clear this up right away: all of the above stated three beliefs are a myth.

Your property and assets do not always automatically fall in the hands of your partner and children. Sometimes, they are seized by the government and legally allowed because you did not take the time and responsibility to distribute it.

Will writing is not a  long process. With the recent digital shifts in every industry, even will writing can be done online. Aviva offers the facility to do this right here in just a few minutes with simple instructions and steps explained. And finally, thinking about one's death is not a morbid activity alone. It forces one to think of their legacy, to ponder upon and think deeply of their life; to evaluate where they are and what they want to leave behind for loved ones and society. Viewed this way, will writing can actually be an empowering and eye-opening experience.

Not to mention, will writing can prevent any conflicts from arising in your family. When a legal document clearly wishes how affairs should stand after you die, no one can question that no matter how strongly they want to. Thus, will writing is an essential piece of the puzzle for all grownups no matter their marital status, religion, age, or assets and belongings.

When can you write a will?

Once the age of 18 has been crossed, anyone with a sound mind and of their own free will can make a will. The person making the will is known as the testator while the person to whom the assets are distributed is known as the beneficiary.

There are no stipulations as to the assets you can distribute or decide for. Money, jewelry, land, paintings, books, tools, insurance policy, provident fund, bank account, gratuity, fixed deposit, etc.- all these can be decided for by you before your death in the will.

How to write a will using Aviva’s Online Will Writing Service?

Aviva's online will writing services are available to everyone out there, and it’s as simple as 3 steps with no cost involved:

  1. Fill in your personal & Asset Details
  2. Nominate Beneficiaries
  3. Generate Will

Voila! You have your Will copy now, all you need now is to get it officially notarized!

If you have your qualms about making a will online, you can either consult a legal expert throughout the process or after you've crafted it using Aviva's will writing services. This will considerably shorten the length of the entire process and also assure you of the validity of your document.

In conclusion: it is extremely important to craft your own will and to do it as soon as possible. You can make changes to it as and when you wish. Once confident that this is the final one, you can share the same with your dear ones and legal experts. There’s no reason to delay will writing now; it is a gift to yourself and your family. Choose it today.

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