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Health Insurance plans for Heart diseases

Being stuck in traffic, sweating as the clock ticks closer to the time of your deadline, overthinking scenarios that are not likely to ever occur.

This is a brief insight into the kind of thoughts that put us in an overdrive mode, leading to burnouts and subjecting us to more diseases than ever before. When our bodies are unable to withstand the optimum levels of stress that our lifestyles have induced, it takes a toll on our hearts (quite literally).

The connection between stress and heart disease has long been in the talks. Anxiety is only increasing on a daily basis, and push us on the verge of acquiring heart conditions. The easiest way to avoid heart conditions is to balance the amount of stress but having to rely on your stress levels to take care of your heart is a very utopian plan.

The number of people diagnosed with heart failure is bound to increase by 46% in the next decade.  In order to confront the elephant in the room, one must research and invest in cardiac insurance. Heart diseases build over time, and make a sudden appearance. To not get caught off guard, it is essential to know about the health insurance plans available for your heart.

Here is a checklist for you to understand why insuring your heart should be a priority:

Ticking clock on lifestyle diseases

A paper written by a doctor from Western Reserve University concluded that the stress levels of an average teenager in 1980s was same as a psychiatric patient in the 1950s. Since stress levels have only increased, and the stats are out there for the world to see. We have glorified burnouts, and unhealthy work habits, and looked down upon people who wish to invest time in themselves, wish to maintain a work and life balance.

That pressure has finally caught on to us and is reflected in our cardiac health. Bouts of hypertension, untimely palpitations have become normality, nowadays. People are suffering from anxiety because of having a constant cloud of deadlines following them.

Cardiovascular diseases have become a leading cause of mortality in India. In order to be a step ahead and be prepared for any curveball that life throws at you, Aviva Heart Care is one such imperative plan that you must invest in as a health insurance policy for your heart. This will make sure that your policy covers the one instrument in your body that keeps you going- the Heart.

Employer-provided health insurance might not be adequate

Employers tend to provide their workers with health insurance, that cannot be tailored for each worker. If your health insurance is not tailored to your needs, then it is more than likely that it is inadequate. In order to cushion yourself from any kind of a health emergency, you need to make sure that your plan ensures yours in all the right ways.

If you leave that job, then you will be left without any health benefits having your back. Accidents occur at any given point; being prepared for them is the most you can do to put your mind at ease. Buying health insurance proves to be costlier once you retire, and if you renew a policy, it will not cost an arm and a leg. The intelligent thing to do will be to invest in a policy which covers your heart.

Younger the age, lower the premium

It is a common misconception that youngsters do not need health insurance. Being aware of all the health benefits is a must in this risk-heavy lifestyle that we have built for ourselves. The lower your age of application for health insurance, the less the premium amount is. The older you are, the more uncomfortable your waiting period is.

Give your future health more than a thought. Build towards a fool-proof health plan, that you alter and customise as you age, so that when chaos strikes you are prepared to face it.

Exemption of tax

Under section 80D, you are exempted from tax on medical insurance premiums. You can save money whilst simultaneously insuring your future, and insuring the future of your loved ones.


Tax Deduction/person (Rs)

Under 60


 >= 60


Your investment that is your premium payment from a recognised company can reduce your tax liabilities. You cannot rule out any number of health-related issues that you might face in the future because of the element of uncertainty, especially given our lifestyles in todays day and age. Making wise decisions and assembling apt provisions can help you build towards an insured future.

Financial security

Medical procedures are getting costlier every year due to inflation. As the need for them increases, the cost is hiking. The price of medical treatments has been consistently rising by 10-15% every year.  In such catastrophic times, it is best to insure your future and not risk going medical facilities in the future. Getting healthcare coverage that will insure your entire body, including your heart, will allow you to reap the benefits of modern healthcare facilities.

Additional benefits

Depending on the Health Insurance plan you choose, your daily medical checkups and vaccinations expenses could  be free of cost, if they come under the coverage of your policy. Vaccinations and consultation fees for doctors sometimes cost more than the medicine itself. To avoid expenditure it can be  a healthy and intelligent alternative is to insure yourself.

Insuring your heart and investing a health coverage plan has become a need in today’s time. Customising your health insurance plans is a great preventive measure which will only help you build a more secure future for yourself. The sooner you act on it; the more secure your future will be!

Oct 31/19

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