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Have you ever stopped and wondered; why is there a need to get yourself and your family covered by a health plan? If yes, you’re not alone. Today, having a quality critical illness cover in place is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It’s essentially, the one type of insurance that you are most likely to use. Let’s put this into perspective:

Owing to the strenuous lives we lead, there’s has been a massive spur tin lifestyle disease such as Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Diseases etc. At present, Cancer is recognized as one of the most dangerous and catastrophic illnesses one can suffer from as it has wide ranging implications. Moreover, Cancer is a condition that can affect anyone no matter what age or race you belong to! However, owing to ignorance, a lot of individuals are under the misconception that cancer is a hereditary disease – The reality, though, is that only five to ten percent of all individuals diagnosed with this devastating disease are as a result of hereditary reasons. Quite honestly, Cancer can develop because of a myriad of reasons including your lifestyle choices while others are simply beyond your control. To reinstate this, here’ an alarming statistic published by The National Cancer Registry Programme of the Indian Council of Medical Research: It has been revealed that nearly 3.8 million people in India alone were diagnosed with cancer in the period between 2012-2014.

Certain lifestyle diseases are unavoidable but getting quality treatment is certainly not. However, seeking quality treatment comes at a cost – each chemotherapy session can cost as much as Rs. 90,000 while costs could spiral as high as Rs. 20 lakhs for a 6-month treatment if innovative drugs and targeted medicines are used (Source: Healthcare Global, Bangalore). This has the potential to completely wipe out your life savings and plunge you further into crippling debts.

Besides cancer, there are several other diseases which you need to fend yourself against and just like cancer, seeking treatment for them can cost you an arm and leg. With the growing rate of inflation coupled with the rising medical costs, it's therefore imperative that you invest in a good critical illness cover for yourself and your family.

Aviva Health Secure 

Aviva Health Secure  doesn’t just protect your health; it’s designed to safeguard your finances as well¬–if at all you are in need of medical treatment in the future, it will cover the costs of your treatment and all expenses attached to the treatment. This will include any procedure costs, nursing care, your own private room expenses along with any medicines and dressings you might need while you're in the hospital.

Nobody plans to get sick, but unfortunate incidents happen — even to healthy people. When you start investing in a critical illness cover early, you will be able to provide the best environment for your family by not putting your family at risk by unwanted financial burdens.

More importantly, it gives you quick access to medical treatment. Without a doubt, investing in Aviva Health Secure is undoubtedly one of the most important and financially-sound decisions you will make. Here are just a few of the many benefits that opting for Aviva health secure plan bestows upon you:

1. Critical Illness Benefit

It provides a Critical Illness cover that pays a lump sum benefit if you were to be diagnosed with any one of the 12 major defined Critical Illness events. You can use the resultant funds for paying any out of pocket costs such as medical bills, specialist charges and for covering any lifestyle expenses such as loss of income owing to staying at home while you're under medical care. Please read the policy document to learn more about the diseases/illnesses covered under this plan.

2. Wide Eligibility Criteria

Any individual between the ages of 18 to 55 may apply for this plan. Additionally, you can get coverage right up to the age of 65. Thereon, we will ask you some questions pertaining to your health, lifestyle, and family medical history to determine whether or not we can offer you coverage.

3. Extensive Coverage

Depending on your personal requirements, you can choose the level of protection you need starting from a minimum sum assured of Rs. 5 lakhs up to a maximum of Rs. 50 lakhs.

4. Get More for Less

Under this, you can enjoy exciting rebates for higher levels of sum assured which effectively helps brings down the premiums paid for this plan. For instance:

  • If your Sum Assured is greater than or equal to Rs.10 lakhs and less than Rs.25 lakhs, enjoy a rebate of Rs. 0.90 per 1,000 Sum Assured.
  • Similarly, if your Sum Assured is greater than or equal to Rs.25 lakhs, enjoy a rebate of rebate of Rs.1.50 per 1,000 Sum Assured.

5. Stay on top of your health, wherever you are

Aviva Health Secure hands you the freedom and the convenience of purchasing a health plan right from the comfort of your home. Moreover, you can easily purchase a policy with the help of net banking or credit cards thus negating the need for any extra effort on that front as well.

6. Flexible Payment Frequency

You’re even presented withal option to pay premiums, either annually or half-yearly, as per your income pattern or according to your convenience.

7.Tax Benefits

This plan hands you with an added advantage of tax benefits as all premiums are tax- deductible under Section 80D for up to Rs. 25,000 in a financial year.

You never know what tomorrow brings but with Aviva Health Secure, you can ensure that you’re never caught off-guard if you were to be struck with a critical illness. By taking preventive action today, you can ensure you are better prepared if an emergency situation were to arise. In that regard, make sure you get started on the right path by getting yourself and your family covered today!