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6 Summer Vacation Activities for Overall development of Young Scholars

Sunny and warm, summer is already here!

Time for children to take a break from school life and enjoy some fun Times!

Simultaneously, being a parent, you may be worried about what your kids goofing around in sheer boredom during school holidays. Will they be glued to TV or play stations all summer? The challenge is to keep them entertained, actively inviovled in productive activites as well as out of trouble.

As your children will be spending months of leisure time, you can leverage this duration to drive them to some fruitful activities that can contribute to their overall development. Clearly, the real challenge lies in helping the children to choose activities based on their interests and inherent abilities. But what’s more difficult is to find out your child’s strengths because every child is unique and blessed with a distinctive set of talents. This is the reason why art and craft don’t interest every child.

A summer activity might turn into a dream career goal for your child; so, to the best thing to do is to take a free scientific assessment with Aviva Kid-o-scope to get an insight into your child’s abilities, interest areas, and personality traits. Who knows your child may show early sign of a cricketer in the making! Once you are aware of their inherent abilities and interests, you can drive their energy into suitable activities. Being considerate parents, your children’s dream and aspirations are the top priority, so it is wise to sign up the right child insurance plans to give your little ones the financial support for career of their choice.

Every summer comes with a promising time for children when you can let them enhance their intelligence with the right activities of their choice. To help you out, we’re listing some stimulating activities that will contribute to the overall development of young scholars.

1.Hobby classes

Hobbies are important because they give your child an opportunity to express and discover themselves. In addition, they are also great educational tools. For example, the rock collection hobby of your child may motivate them to build a career in geology and science. Your little one will need space to develop their hobbies so that watching television or playing video games don’t distract them while doing the activities of their choice. Find out different kinds of hobby classes taking place in your locality and encourage your child to join a class depending on his/her interests and discover a hobby of their own. Hobbies are rewarding and enriching parts of everyone’s life. Introduce your child to a hobby class and they will always thank you.

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Let your young children try their hands at cooking or baking. Contributing to a family meal is an enriching experience for kids of all ages. Depending on your child’s age, allow them to help you measure ingredients, stir, and present the final result. Older kids can use the oven and can even cook the whole meal. The more they experiment in the kitchen, the more self-independent they become and can help you out on a regular basis.

3.Astronomy clubs

Stargazing is not just a leisure pastime you enjoy with your little one. In fact, it can kindle their interest in space exploration that is a well-established field, and our country has many landmark achievements to its honor in this domain. Spark the astronaut inside your child and introduce them to the glittering world of the galaxy, planets, stars, comets, and meteors through astronomy clubs. If your child shows the potential of becoming an astronaut, Encourage them and make sure you help them enroll in right clubs!

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4.Get them to outdoors

Warm days of summer are also perfect for spending some quality time outdoors with your children. Explore new playgrounds and park each week. Indulge in going for walks with your children. If possible, pack your bags and go on a trip that includes various adventurous activities, like trekking, paragliding and more. It will take your child closer to nature. The focus should be to enjoy outside together and break the monotony of a sedentary lifestyle.

5.Offbeat sports

Cricket, soccer, basketball, and hockey define sports in our country. But, for young children, there are many more offbeat and fun activities available, including fencing, archery, martial arts, gymnastics, carpentry workshops, photography, horse riding, taekwondo, boxing, jiu-jitsu to name a few. An off-the-wall activity will not only enhance your children’s creative skills but also teach them personality development skills. 

6.Social activities

Summer vacation is a chance to teach your children the value of contributing to their neighborhood and help others. Start by engaging your children in family conversations about what you can do as a group. There are multiple activities to do some good to the society, for example, you can pick up trash at a local park, raise fund for a noble cause, plant trees in your locality and so on. Social activities make children confident and feel connected to people and teach them the importance of charity and giving back to society.

Engage your child in productive activities and summers will turn rewarding for them. It is a time which can be judiciously utilized to let them experiment, discover new interests, and find their passion. It will help them to cultivate some valuable skills that will contribute to their overall development.

All children have within them the potential to be great kids. It’s our job to create a great world where this potential can flourish. – Stanley Greenspan

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