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Plan Ahead for your child with Aviva Kid-o-scope!

Having a family can be a tricky task. Not only do you have to responsible for them, but you also have to make many sacrifices in order to ensure that they meet their expectations without your own aspirations taking a backseat in the process. None of this is easy to achieve, and if the correct steps aren’t taken at the right time, it can cost you in many ways - physically, emotionally, and even financially. And we all know that it isn’t just a lack of action that compromises our goals; oftentimes, it is also unforeseen circumstances.

As a precaution against all of the above - to the extent it is possible - you should invest in life insurance. Aviva offers a range of policies for both children and adults, but specifically for children, there’s a holistic plan which offers the chance to build their future in a methodical and result-oriented fashion - it’s a distinctive program called Kidoscope. And here’s why you might be interested in it!

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It’s a platform designed with the specific aim to meet your child’s singular needs. And not just that, it also provides you with personalized advice and the required guidance required to act on the advice. To start off, it can help you identify your child’s inclinations as well as their talents through various psychometric tests and scientific assessments. Taking your child’s assessment results as the starting point, you will get an individualised dashboard which will give you the tools your child will require to hone their special talent! These tools will include weekly planners, specially curated articles written by experts in their field, tutorial videos, along with a customized list of talent classes and events around you.

Kidoscope also gives you special access to Aviva’s Education Cost Calculator which helps you calculate the overall cost of the path you wish your child to take. Moreover, you also get detailed assessment reports, so that you have a clearer understanding of your child’s performance in all developmental areas, thus making it easier for you to set future goals for them. Depending on your child’s age, their detailed summary report (including their interest areas, psychological profile, strength and weakness areas, and more) will provide unparalleled insight into their personality - and this doesn’t just have to be for the future, it can improve the present as well!

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The dashboard also features a particular section, called "Play and Learn," which has several ideas for activities that you can do with your for kids. For all these reasons and more, you should definitely check out Aviva’s Kidoscope program!

All said and done, it’s best to prepare for your child’s future, while not neglecting their needs of the present. Aviva’s Kidoscope program gives you a window into seeing their future, and you can work towards it patiently and with diligence. Through the help of this you can plan ahead for the future without having to make sacrifices that you would have to if you weren’t well prepared. With this, you can be worry-free for the future, and focus on building a strong foundation for the present!

AN Dec 7/18

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