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Love for Ronald changed my son’s life around

Kick. Run. Defend.
Well, that’s soccer. More or less of what I understood of it during my college years. Watching the pressure burgeoning over soccer lovers, especially during live matches, always interested me. Why were they so excited? Anyway, years have passed now and it is my 15 year old son, who perhaps revealed the real reason to me.
My son has been playing soccer for the past 3 years. And believe me; I have noticed so many changes in him. His personality has developed. He has learnt how to work in a team. In short how to be a sportsman. His devotion to the rules of the soccer game is also reflected in how he handles his homework, his routine and engagement in other co-curricular activities. His body is fit. He does not gasp for breath. Ask him to run, sprint, walk- and it is spontaneous. After all, soccer is known for building endurance, flexibility and strength. I still remember the first day of his practice. My son, who then used to be shy, timid and scared back then, just held my hand and watched other boys play. He could not even walk properly without falling down. His sports teacher knew exactly how to include him in the group. And I could see the changes in few months.
Soccer developed the good self image of my son. The starkly visible changes that I started noticing from the second month itself were follows:
•    His body language improved. It was visible that he was enjoying it. In short, soccer gave him something to strive for.
•    He was not very vulnerable now. Slowly, he started taking up challenges, producing better work, day after day.
•    Unlike other games like baseball, horse-riding, karate; soccer is light for children. My son did not have any athletic physique and as soccer was not so demanding, he could adjust.
•    Today, his cardio-vascular health has improved along with his aerobic capacity. His muscle tone is improved.
•    The baby fat from lower parts of the body had started shedding. These little details were actually noticed by my husband, when our little son defeated him in arm wrestling.
Scientific research reveals that soccer helps in monitoring and enhancing the sensory development and evolution in children. Be it juggling the ball on the knees or dribbling it exotically, soccer is uber cool. And of course, like other kids, my son too wants to be the next Zidane, Beckenbauer, Maradonna or Pelé! And it is fun to watch him emulate their skills and feel proud about it. And today, when I look back, soccer did prove to be the best sport for my child.
Let your kid also explore this fascinating soccer world.

– By Shavet Jain

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