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How to Find Out Your Child's Potential Career?

An engineer or doctor? An astronaut or company secretary? An athlete or a writer?

Being a considerate parent, you often find it difficult to help your child choose a potential career. But the million dollar question is – how to find the right career path for your child because it is possible that like you even s/he doesn’t has a clue about his/her interests. Ideally, the career choice of your child should be a combination of their inherent abilities and passion. As a parent, you can only show them the path. The final choice depends on the child. The best way to find the potential career of your child is to help them find their strengths. It is always better to start working on it from an early age rather than regretting after the ship has sailed. Every child is unique and to discover what interests your child, take a free scientific assessment with Aviva Kidoscope.  Watch your kids when they are at play and relate their activities with the potential career options. You can also take help of their teachers and school staff. Introduce your child to a wide range of activities, like, art and craft, drawing, dance, singing, sports, games, etc. A fun activity might turn into a long-term career goal for the child. It is essential to be realistic about your child’s potential rather than dreaming too high for them.

Dec 23/18


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