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Hello 2020, Hello Life!

Have you ever been on a roller coaster?

If you have been never been to one, we suggest you give it a shot (Of course, at your own risk!).Even if you don’t like the ride (who knows you would thank us later for the encouragement), it will help you understand the philosophy of life on a deeper level. Now, coming back to all those who have enjoyed (or unintentionally disrelished!) a roller coaster ride.

How does it feel?

Isn’t it filled with ups and downs, highs and lows, twists and turns, fear and excitement, anticipation and relief? The choice is always yours whether you like it or hate it. Isn’t our life similar to a ride on a roller coaster? One moment you are enjoying the ups in the air with all the joy and the next moment life plunges you down to the rock bottom making you feel empty and scared!


Of course, there is one difference i.e., you can get off the roller coaster if you don’t like it. Or, completely escape it if you averse the thrilling ride. But when it comes to life, we can’t escape the ups and downs because unexpected surprises and events are part and parcel of humanity. Some of them are pleasant while others are shattering.

It is natural to feel safer in a familiar environment. But, wouldn’t our life be boring without a bumpy ride? Think of the monotony of living the same kind of life every day, every year till you beathe your last. Think of doing the same things, following the same routine without any interruption, change or deviation. Urgh! Even this thought sounds so dull!


What is life without surprises & plans, risks & rewards, goals & hurdles, dreams & commitments? Merely a straight-line road trip with nothing fun, exciting or looking forward to. We have already landed in 2020 – the New Year, the new decade, and we assume you must have made a list of resolutions and (hopefully!) started implementing them in your life. Now, let’s make one more promise.

Do not dread! We are not asking you to add more resolution to your list.


Just make a commitment to yourself that whatever life throws on your – pleasant surprises or shocking thunderbolts, you will stay prepared and EMBRACE it prudently. So, are you ready for whatever life has in store for you this year?

Dreams and plans

Dreams come in all shapes and sizes. As a matter of fact, they may or may not coincide with your goals. But, it doesn’t make them less desirable. Does it? Naah! They always bubble away at the back of your mind. For instance, you may be hatching a dream of becoming a writer or opening a plant nursery for years. At times, they can be powerful and encouraging. But, if not fulfilled they can be a bit scary and haunting too. So, rather than cherishing an unfulfilled dream for many years, convert them into plans with a strategy in place. Do not let them fade away before it is too late.

For the plans you have for life, and the surprises life has for you, Aviva is here for you!

Pleasant surprises

Are you getting married this year? Or, still not sure how to pop the question? (Whatever you have in mind, make it special)

Or, preparing to enter college?

Welcome aboard.

Be it describable or indescribable; embrace the special moments of your life. Spare a moment for things that make you happier, feel unexpectedly good, and make you run out of words. They are wonders of life that keep us going on the path. Thank God and your loved ones and relish the moment.

Risks and rewards

Life is often dubbed as “a series of calculated risks – nothing more.” Mind it. Every step or decision you take has a marginal risk without us knowing it. Think of it – driving on the road is always accompanied by a risk of an accident. Isn’t it? Similarly, there is always a chance that we’ll never make it to our destination. But, the positive side is that risk-taking exposes us to the dozens of positive outcomes we never would have experienced in the first place. It helps us let go of the fear of failing. Whether you have founded a startup or asked someone out on a date, you can’t taste the reward unless you take risk of actually doing it. Doesn’t matter what the output will be, risks are an indispensable ingredient of the recipe of happiness. So, put the fear of failure beside and say hello to risks and hello to rewards.

Hurdles and hardships

What do you do when life gives you lemons?

Here, we don’t want you to miss the famous lines Ron White said, “When life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade… and try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.”

Well-meant (Clearly, metaphorically!)


Look back on the days when you scored poor marks in exams and planned to leave the study, while have an excellent degree today because you decided to do it anyway. Or, the day when your car didn’t start and while you’re unwillingly walking back  home, cursing your car failure, you bumped into the woman who is now the love of your life!

Life doesn’t always go as you have planned. Thank God for that; otherwise, what a mess humans might have created on the earth!

Problems and adversity are bound to hurdle your path. Rather than allowing yourself to go sour, staying positive and figuring out ways to solve problems is the key. Make a little more effort than just “coping with the present”. Think of the people who have suffered more than their fair share of miseries but never gave up. Face every challenge down life throws back at you. It does make you stronger and more resilient for the next time.


To sum up, greet life with a big smile this year. No matter what - new aspirations, dreams, rewards, risks, plans, hurdles, goals, relationships, career worries, surprises, detours or unexpected; embrace them, accept them sensibly.

Say hello to 2020, say Hello to Life!


AN Jan 36/20

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