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Doctor, Writer or Architect? Let your child take this test to find their real interest!

Despite our education system and society's preferences, kids have a tendency to develop their own varied interests that, at first glance, seem neither realistic nor financially lucrative.

How many distraught parents have you met who worry that their child is more interested in cricket than in chemistry? Sab Virat thodi na bann sakte hai, they say with lines etched on their forehead. Sab Newton bhi thodi na banenge, the child knows. We are pretty sure if, given the chance, you would like to be excused from this worry. Those who have grown kids with unique interests have found a way out: simply ignore the uniqueness of their child and push him/ her into the rat race.

In the long-term, this only dents the parent-child relationship and demeans the confidence of the child. Two highly undesirable situations.

The importance of knowing your child’s talents and interests

The movie Dangal is a prime example of how a parent was instrumental in setting up their child for success.

Aamir Khan’s character, Mahavir Singh Phogat, upon discovering that his daughters could wrestle and punch as good as a guy, takes it upon himself to make champions out of his daughters.

This is a crucial moment now. He did not sit down and think about how unhelpful and corrupt the sports scene in India was. He did not think what the village neighbors would think about his daughters when instead of marrying them off, he sent them off to become world champions. He did not see his daughters as incapable of learning the art of wrestling. What he saw was a spark. A spark he vowed to turn into a fire. It was a simple fusion of the child’s talent and the parent’s belief that he would mould that into greatness.

The result?

Geeta Phogat and Babita Kumari became the first world-class female wrestlers of India.

The story of you and your child

Chances are, your child is unique, too. Be it playing the drums, splashing canvases with paints, writing by the window side, collecting flower specimens, or wanting to visit national parks, your child has at least one such interest or talent, too, that is not prescribed by his/ her curriculum.

Apart from this, different children have different learning styles. Some prefer audio medium, others learn best from watching videos, and yet others like to read and absorb at their own pace. Some do well as a leader, some as a team player, while others prefer to work alone.

These signs develop early. And if you have spotted them in your child, what are you going to do about it?

Most parents take the well-worn route of ignoring these signs and pushing them towards group-learning-science-and-playing-basketball-at-expensive-schools.The rare parent, however, takes note of these signs and helps the child to grow in the direction of their natural interests and talents. As a parent, it is your responsibility to help the child grow and develop to the best of your ability. To provide an environment that encourages possibilities, imagination, and discovery. And if you are ready to be this kind of parent, then the first thing for you to do is to take a psychometric test for your kid.

The value of psychometric tests

Before you panic and think that a psychometric test is another IQ test, wait.

Psychometric tests are objective, impersonal tests that measure your aptitude (logical, verbal, etc.), skills, and assess your personality. There is no right and wrong in these tests. There are simply results based on the answers you give. When your child takes this test, you’ll get a proper insight into the direction your child is growing in. You’ll see whether they are more on the artistic side, the logical one, or a combination of all three. You'll become aware of what stimuli they respond to best and where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Armed with this knowledge, you can help them to chart their future so that by the time they reach adulthood, they are ready to make a living by harnessing their uniqueness. Yes, this a dream for many. But no, it isn’t as impossible as you might have believed.

How Kid-o-Scope helps here?

With Aviva Kid-o-Scope, your child takes an assessment test after which you are given resources to help them grow in their natural direction. The final destination is for them to realize their full potential once they are adults. So, no, this is no short programme with 7-steps-and-assured-results-after-3-months. This is about purposefully creating the child’s future no matter his/her age.

The best part? Your child can take this test at 1 year of age only. Think about the insights you would have into your personality and being at such a young age. You can shape them for success right from the start!

For a detailed look at the programme, have a look at our Aviva Kid-o-Scope platform!

How we conclude

As a parent, you put in so many efforts to ensure a bright and successful future for your child. Investing in a psychometric test is a close-to-nil effort and will pay great dividends in the future.

Ab to beta Virat se bhi badhiya cricketer banega!



Jan 29/19

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