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4 Things Parents can do in this Summer Vacation to Groom their Child for the Future

There is something that we, adults, can sometimes feel when living by the norms of this world. It is the tiresome feeling of ‘inadequate skills’ that our mind constantly reminds us of. Mind you, this feeling of lacking ‘crucial’ skills has nothing to do with one’s success or mediocrity. Rather, it varies with our definition of ‘crucial’ as we grow into the people we are today. Take for example a very rich business man who wishes he had more sociable and outgoing personality. Or, that college professor who wishes she was more adventurous and passionate about her life, or a student who wishes he could break away his procrastination!

The answers to the above-listed ‘wishes’ and ‘issues’ lies in a constantly overlooked yet life-impacting term- Life Skills. The person we were yesterday, the one we are today, and the one we will become tomorrow is defined by the number of ‘Life skills’ we possess. Some of them come naturally to us, some through observations & experiences, and other via teaching.

While as an adult, you can constantly learn and focus on priorities, kids need undivided attention due to their highly impressionable minds.

So, this summer vacation, take the opportunity to teach your child some essential life skills, a little defying than the traditional education. These skills might not guarantee stellar marks or achievements for them, but will prove to be decisive guiding points in their life when they face challenges of adulthood.

Groom your child with these essential life skills this summer break!

Teach them Cooking & Doing the Dishes

This is a fairly simple activity that you can engage your child in. Cooking is not merely a duty or a job; rather, it is categorized as the ‘Survival’ skill by the experts. However, it will teach your child much more than that. Cooking is an activity that will inculcate a sense of creativity in your child. In more technical terms, it will boost their ‘procedural memory.’ Procedural memory is something that we switch to for undertaking complex tasks that require step-wise processes. Similarly, ask them to do their own dishes. This as a habit will not only fill them with modesty, but also cultivate a strong sense of personal responsibilities in them.

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Sharpen their Communication Skills

Communication is the foundation of modern human society. The better you are at it, the better will be your network, and higher the chances of your success. Though, many adults feel diffident when it comes to articulating their thoughts in front of a group. One can, for sure, make children proficient in communication to bring out their eloquent side in the adulthood. Here is what parents can do;

  • Encourage Speaking & Right Pronunciation- Parents must allow their children to express themselves whenever they want. Not only this makes them sociable, but also jogs their mind to exercise their language skills. So, focus on encouraging them to introduce themselves to your guests and treat them to hospitality.
  • Build their Vocabulary- People use only the words that will ‘just’ get their message across. Lack of a good vocabulary often steals away the persuasiveness and clarity of one’s thoughts. Though, your children can have an edge over the other kids with a good vocabulary. You don’t have to push much here. Just tell them a new word each day and ask them to use it a few times.

Gamify Money Matters!

They might be too young to understand the complex principles of finances. However, the term ‘money’ will catch their attention for good. Children grasp the notion of money from a very early age. And, you must use this window of summer break to turn them into responsible beings when it comes to money. Use the following methods to teach them simple concepts associated with money;

  • Earning it- If your child/children are stubborn about a new toy, ask him/her/them to earn it. Tell them the price of the toy and the task they need to accomplish to earn the same amount of money. Do deliberate that this is how Adults earn.
  • Play Monopoly- Really that would be the most fun-filled lesson. Play Monopoly with them and let them learn about basic profit and loss through the game.
  • Maintaining Accounts- Ask your kids to maintain a little diary and give them a small allowance to spend. Tell them that this shall be their summer project. Instruct them to fill up simple columns of budget, expenses, etc. Not only this will make them more responsible towards the money, but also boost their organization and mathematical skills.

Teach them Safety, Preparedness & Essential Survival Skills

Do not limit your teachings to your child’s soft skills only. Teaching them about the dangers of the world, self-preservation and survival must be at the top of the list. Worry not, we are not asking you to scare your child! Though, we are talking about the instinct that made you purchase that Childcare Plan and Health Insurance Policy. This summer vacation, teach your children;

  • Road Safety- Depending upon their age, teach them about the dangers of road accidents and careless driving. Tell them to be watchful and refrain from using gadgets while on the road as a driver or a pedestrian.
  • Preparedness for Emergencies- This would be more of a verbal discourse where in you will give your child a hypothetical emergency situation and they will have to tell you their course of action. Think first aid, no-money, abuse and harassment, thunderstorm, etc.
  • Basic Navigation skills- Teach them how to live without Google Maps by telling them the 8 geo-navigation directions, the celestial-navigation technique and other raw techniques to stimulate their curiosity.
  • Swimming- Perhaps an important physical exercise that will not only motivate your children to stay fit throughout life, but will also breed persistence, grit, and competence in them.

As a parent, if you can accomplish the above-mentioned ‘Life Bootcamp Training’ for your children, they will grow into magnificent personalities with an ability to tackle life as it comes.  

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