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Rural Insurance Plans by Aviva India

The Rural sector is defined as any location that as per the last census, consists of a population that does not exceed 5000, with the density of population being less than or equal to 400 per square kilometer and at least 75% of the male working population engaged in agriculture.

The rural population contributes to the majority of population in India. In several villages across the country, basic infrastructure for health, travel, food, and banking have not yet reached the masses. When compared to their metropolitan competitors, the rural audiences have extremely limited access to provisions and remedies. Therefore, the risk related to poor health and life expectancy is amplified, and goes overlooked majority of times. To overcome these problems insurance companies have come up with rural insurance. The main focus of rural insurance is to target the rural families and educate them about the importance of insurance. Once they are made aware, it becomes easier to explain the benefits of insurance. Hence, AVIVA has come up with a perfect solution that caters purely to the rural population.

With an honest intent to give the rural population a secure future, AVIVA has come up with rural insurance plans that aim to provide high sum assured amounts at typically low-premiums. There are two plans currently being offered, one that secures the future of your child, and the other that provides comprehensive protection to your family. The ultimate goal for us is to make innovative products available to consumers that would not only be suitable to their needs, but also help them achieve their life goals and ambitions.