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Top Careers that can brighten your child's Future

Long gone are the days when the careers of children were decided before they even learnt to walk. Gone are the days of preconceived societal notions where a baby boy would grow up to be an engineer and a baby girl would become a doctor.

The nature of professions in 2020 has augmented more than mere engineers and doctors. From chefs to athletes, from a scientist to a detective; your child could become the next Prime Minister of the country if they wanted.

Parents Day is soon approaching, and it is going to make you realise your responsibilities towards your kids more than ever. Of course, insurance for children is essential, but you need to shape them to take on the world head-on. Children are a blessing, yes; but you need to hone their skills and turn them into responsible, independent, and successful adults. We all know how difficult adult-ing is, we need to do our best to make sure it isn’t so for them.

Remember when you were young and there used to be career guidance counselling sessions at school where you used to sleep off? It would help if you made sure that incidents like those do not happen with your children when it comes to choosing their careers.

Enter- child future plans! Not only do you need to secure your child’s future financially, you also need to guide them in their journey to success. Of course, you need to carefully observe your child and gauge their interests and likings for this.

As an aid, you can use Aviva India’s Kid-o-Scope, a tool which lets you understand what your child’s future career could be based on their interest. Aviva Kid-o-Scope also gives a rough estimate cost for your child’s higher education and suggests appropriate child investment plans. All of this information at your disposal only by taking a free assessment. It’s really that simple, go try it out!

To help you out this Parents Day, Aviva has collated a list of next-gen career options that can brighten your child’s future and no, engineering is not on the list.


Lord knows that epidemiologists are in demand right about now! These are the people who study infectious diseases, their likelihood in humans and human reactions to them. With a series of outbreaks of deadly viruses like the H1N1 (swine flu), SARS, MERS and COVID-19 happening in one decade, Governments across the globe are investing heavily in epidemiology and are giving them importance. Many countries’ health departments have employed epidemiologists to develop a universal vaccine against all viral infections. A career in epidemiology can bring money, fame and power to your child.

 Alternate careers: Healthcare workers, Microbiologists, Researchers


A career in medicine might be overrated, but it is still one of the most revered professions. Doctors have the best of both the worlds- money and immense respect in society. Beware! A career in medicine can be a long haul and an expensive one. If your child is cut-out to become a doctor, you need to start a child insurance plan NOW with Aviva Young Scholar Secure, which is a money back insurance plan. In addition to tax benefits, you also get guaranteed returns at different stages of life.

Alternate careers: Dental surgeon, biochemistry, homoeopathy, biotechnology, pharmacology

Ethical Hacker

Ethical hacking seemed like an unconventional career choice a few years ago, but the faith in technological advancements have made people believe that it can be a full-time job with a lot of good money. Companies spent a load of money on security against criminal hacking by employing ethical hackers. The position comes with a lot of perks and can be used as a freelance option as well.

Alternate careers: Data security specialist, digital forensics analyst, IT consultant


If your child has an artistic bent of mind, you may consider pushing them towards a career in the field of cinema, music, theatre, painting, teaching and even journalism. The possibilities with arts are endless, and it is not just restricted to drawing. Let your kid explore the world of liberal arts and decide on what suits them best.

Alternate careers: Journalism, teaching, animator, designer, musician, decorator


Architecture to date remains one of the most sought-after professions. And if a person has a gift for it, there is no stopping them. Push your child towards architecture if your child has an eye for detail, can mix science with art and loves playing with blocks. However, an architecture degree does not come cheap. Which is why you can take a free assessment test on Aviva’s Kid-o-Scope to see what it will cost you to get your child into a reputed architecture school. The estimated amount will help you start a child plan to save up for your child’s big dream!

Alternate careers: Interior designer, surveyor, town planner, civil engineer


All world-renowned athletes knew that athletics and sports were what they wanted to do since they were little. And most of them have to say that it was their parents’ hard work that made them achieve success. This should be a learning cue for you and look out for signs that tell you that your child’s fate is sealed with athletics. The earlier you recognise the talent, the sooner you can set them on the right course to achieve victory.

Alternate careers: Athletic trainer, sports medicine specialist, sports therapist, fitness and nutrition expert

Financial Manager

The requirement for financial management is never going to come to a halt. Individuals, businesses, and corporations will always need financial managers to manage and grow their money. So if numbers come quickly to your child and mathematics is a play for them, you might consider introducing financial knowledge to them and see how it goes. If your child picks up the basics, congratulations, you have a business manager amidst you!

Alternate careers: Financial analysts, stockbrokers, wealth managers, hedge fund managers

There are thousands of professions in this world to choose from- your child is spoilt for choice. It is your duty as a responsible parent to look for cues and push your child towards the right career path. However, the most significant thing about the whole process should be to let your child be who they are and choose a career option independently based on their passion.

This Parents Day, give your child the best gift with Aviva’s child insurance plans and secure their dream of flying high, even when you are not there.

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