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Steer Clear from These Diwali Shopping Blunders


Diwali- it’s that time of year again when it becomes difficult for you to escape the glitters of promotions, tempting sale offers, mega discounts and the lure of unbelievable prices. With Diwali bonus in hand, retailers ready to oblige, and offers and discounts swirling all around, it is easy to get tempted and go on a shopping spree. With festivity in its full swing, it is okay to splurge a little and pamper yourself and your loved ones with gifts. At the same time, it is also essential not to be fooled into the trap of attractive offers and burn a big hole in your pocket.

Rather than regretting later, it is advisable to steer clear from these Diwali shopping blunders.

Shopping aimlessly

You needed a rice cooker, but you ended up purchasing a mixer grinder as you were getting a good deal. Sounds familiar. Right?

Taking a stroll through shopping malls and browsing through e-commerce sites with the aim of bargaining the best deals can make you spend more and purchase things you don’t even need. In the flood of offers and discounts, it is very easy to shop impulsively, often a lot more than you need, forgetting the necessary items. To avoid this mistake, prepare a list of all essential items you need, ideally before Diwali sale starts. Jotting down your requirements and wants will help you shop smartly and plan your purchase.

Spending entire Diwali bonus

With the grace of Goddess Lakshmi, you get Diwali bonus, but every year you might be spending the entire amount in shopping and availing offers. Diwali bonus is a fortunate financial boost you can use in a variety of smart ways with investment planning tips. You can buy life insurance or increase your risk coverage with your Diwali bonus. You can also boost your financial plan through strategic Investment Planning, like topping up your SIPs or purchasing a term insurance plan. Putting aside your financial liabilities and spending the extra Diwali bonus on sheer shopping is not a wise step. Instead, shop wisely and devote a portion of your bonus to amplify your financial plan. It may sound boring, but you and your family will reap the benefits in the future.

Blindly going for big discounts offer and bonus items

You needed a non-stick pan, but you end up purchasing the entire pot and pan set just because you were getting 50% OFF. 

Big discounts might not be as attractive as they are projected before customers as you often buy multiple items you don’t even need. Don’t fall prey to big discount offers until you actually need that item. It is equally important not to be tempted by bonus offers. You would not want to purchase an oven just because you are getting a bowl set in bonus. Unnecessary items only clutter your home. So, it is best to stay away from these traps.

Forgetting to compare

With attractive deals streaming, you often forget to compare the prices. Whether you are shopping online or offline, it doesn’t make sense to pay extra for the same product. Deals and offers are projected before you in such a manner that consumers believe that they are getting the best price for an item. However, no matter how big the discount is, compare the prices rather than buying a product blindly. Research first, save later.

Do a hasty shopping for misleading urgency

Limited stock!

Offer for limited period!

Last sale day!

So many temptations to get you carried away. It is good to avail freebies, discounts and offers as much as you can. At the same time, it is not wise to fall for retail baits. All these offers make you feel that you are missing something big. We repeat, shop wisely only what you need, like Diwali gifts and goodies.

Go for EMI offers

You purchase an expensive smartphone just because you get a smart EMI offer!

EMI offers may not be as interesting and favorable as they sound. You still have to pay it, and interest rate can be higher than what you have expected. Avoid this by thoroughly going through the terms and conditions and sticking only to your shopping list.

There is no joy in overrunning your budget and regretting later on reckless shopping. Every penny of your hard earned money is precious. Don’t let it go down the drain by making these most obvious Diwali shopping blunders. Be a smart buyer and keep your finances on track. Happy Diwali and happy shopping!

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