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How to stay 'Happy' despite life's surprises?

Life is nothing but a series of uncertainties, unexpected and uncalculated events. However, that’s the joy of living – surprises on the way, throughout life. Otherwise, wouldn’t we end up living boring incidents we already planned? Who wants that?

Dealing with uncertainties can be frustrating unless we accept that uncertainty is the only certainty. Our world brims with maybe, might or may not.

I might buy a new car after the salary hike. I may save enough for the Europe tour till next year. I might start a business three years from now. Maybe I start saving for the emergency fund from next month. I might not be able to buy home in the next year.

We are always so concerned about what “may not” even happen in the future that we forget to enjoy the present. What we don’t realize is that we can never control the inevitable; we may not be in charge of the current situation, but we can always manage our response to it. And, if we stay prepared for probable surprises in life, it will not change the future but will certainly make it easier to deal with the situations. For instance, you may wish to leave your current job after one or two years and set up the startup you have always dreamed of. A new venture is bound to come with multiple challenges and issues. You can’t change that. But if you save sufficiently in your present job and choose the right SME plan, you gain financial stability which makes the undertaking less arduous.

Think of the dreams and realities, risks and rewards, ups and downs, goals and hurdles, commitments and plans that are slated to say you ‘Hello’ in the journey of life. Shouldn’t you be prepared to greet them in the same way? Let’s learn how to make more effort than “coping with the uncertainties” and stay happy in every condition – no matter what!

Family and loved ones

Your closed ones are the center of your world and in any state; you would never wish them to feel the pinch. Future events of your life are unexpected – some of them might be pleasant while others may not.

You may relocate to another city or country.

Your spouse may wish to switch jobs or start his/her new business.

There may arise a medical emergency in the family.

How would you deal with them? Succumbing to the situation? No! Not by any mean. In the face of great uncertainties, focus stabilizing the most pressing areas of your life which for most people is financial security. However, you can’t attain financial stability overnight. You must have heard the famous Chinese proverb, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” You must have got what we mean. Save money. Not just save, but let it multiply through our systematic savings and investment plans. Create a large corpus to fulfill varying goals, terms and expectations of your loved ones.

Children’s dreams & future

Your child may be dreaming of becoming a rock star when s/he grows up.

Hope you are aware of it!

Or, your child might wish to complete his/her education from a foreign university.

Like every parent in the world, you strive hard to provide all the happiness of the world to your child. Are we wrong? Your child too feels the safest in your arms and the last thing you would wish to cloud your child’s future is financial safety. Why should you worry in the future when you can secure their dreams with a child plan in the present? With our well-curated child plans you can back every important step in your child’s life. It takes care of their aspirations even in your absence. Do we need to explain more? Be wise and make choices that secure your child’s future.

Business and start-ups

The idea of my start-up may not be good enough.

Is it the right time to lay the foundation stone of my business?

What if I lose my clients?

Would I gather sufficient funds to start my business?

The day an entrepreneur establishes a business, s/he exposes himself to multiple risks, challenges, goals, roles and an entire world of uncertainties. Should it stop you from dreaming? Not unless our SME Assist is present to support your business.

Whether it is your employees or family, financial security is the first priority an entrepreneur thrives to attain. Our SME plan enables entrepreneurs to safeguard and strengthen their businesses in a planned and structured manner so that even in difficult times they can take care of their family, employees, and business. Now, no one can stop you from becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The final words

Someone wise and old said, “Nothing’s for sure, that’s for sure.” Life has a funny way of proving us wrong. Think about your life you had expected and dreamed of when you were in college. Did everything go as planned? Chances are rare. It is possible to stay happy despite life’s uncertainties only when you have prepared for it in the present. Rather than worrying about potential threats and risks, focus on what you can control so that even in the time of unexpected, you and your loved ones, do not need to suffer. Say hello to uncertainties, say hello to life!

AN Jan 74/20

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