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How to maintain a good work life balance in India?

How to maintain a work life balance?

Have you been working a 9-5 job, complete with a tie? Have you been a victim of Indian work culture, where you are shamed for a vacation that you had applied for two months in advance.

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The concept of time becomes a myth when working a full-time job. Getting consumed by your job - regardless of whether or not you are your own boss, is not an unheard concept.

Often entrepreneurs get so involved with their startups, that they forget about the various important aspects, like their personal life, well-being, and health. In order to better our future, we tend to forget about enjoying the little glories in life, to smell the roses on the way. Hustling is admirable, but forgetting about your original self because of how engrossed you are in adding new features to you, is not an ideal picture.

In India, having a 9 to 5 job is equivalent to not having a personal life. With technology at large, it had become infinitely more convenient for employers to be able to reach employees. The fact that based on a study for Arcadis’ Sustainable Cities Index of 2016, all the major Indian metros have less than 20% people index. In layman terms, the work-life balance, among other factors such as affordability, income equality, gender equality, health, are in dire need for a do-over.

Striking that balance is not only crucial for your peace of mind but also to increase your productivity. Here are a few ways to help you attain that stability, and live your best life:


Set realistic goals for your entire day

You will only be setting yourself up for disappointment if you set 45 things on your to-do list for a single day. If you write down 5-6 things that you wish to achieve throughout the day, you have a better chance to complete all your tasks. Psychologically it helps to know that you are in control of a situation, and setting your own task list is a push in that very direction.

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Efficiency is the key

Procrastination comes with its own set own worries and overthinking. We tend to obsess over that task, subconsciously, until it seems insurmountable. A great approach to tackling big projects is to divide it into smaller tasks, so that seems more doable. Complete every task before moving on to the next, and don’t forget to celebrate your conquests with little breaks.

‘Flexibility’ might be the missing piece in the puzzle

It has been observed that employees that are offered more flexibility in terms of timing, and work-from-home policies tend to show an increase in productivity, and a decrease in their stress levels. Drafting your work policies can have a strong role to play in how you behave in the long scheme of things.

Take regular breathers

Rationality prevails with every deep breath you take. Taking breaks at work is not favorably looked upon. Indian companies, which are firm believers in the ‘the number of hours you spend in the office, will reflect your work ethic’ is slightly tricky to get around in such matters. You can always take a walk around the hallway, and back, or just sit and stretch at your desk- these small breathers will give you that boost and recharge to clear your head and improve your decision making abilities.

Create your own zone

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Listening to your favorite music at work to foster concentration acn reduce stress and anxiety, and stimulate creativity. Music is often associated with decreasing anxiety, and helping the mind tune out of certain situations. Be sure to wear headphones while working, because as you pump up the volume- you boost your productivity.

Over committing is a sin

Feeling stressed because of a mere glance in the direction of the calendar? There is a very thin line between being enthusiastic, and having to overexert yourself. Learn to say “no”. Indian work culture works on the basic principle of guilt, and in extreme cases even gaslighting. Traditionally our culture has been set as such that if one prioritises anything above work, then it is tagged as being selfish, and unethical. Escape that toxicity, and rationalise all your decisions, prior to overscheduling yourself, and then all of it taking a toll on your health.



Technology has made it innumerably easier to work efficiently, but has increased stress tenfold. One needs to set certain boundaries, and shamelessly unplug out of the loop that has been set at work. Making yourself available to “flex” hours is not wrong, but maintain some balance by taking out personal time, too.

Only the strong ask for help

Do not become a victim to the “only the weak as for support” initiative, that is very loosely used in an Indian working setting. Chat with people and receive some level of comfort. Chatting with friends and family can be important for you to succeed. Asking your colleagues for help at work, will make you feel more sorted in the head. Creating a calm space for yourself will allow you to cherish your time with the family, and not be consumed by the overwhelming thoughts from work. 

Treat yourself right

Being in good form, both mentally and physically increases your tolerance and patience, which are extremely important in an office setting. Eating correctly, and not avoiding exercise reduces the risks of falling prey to health issues. Adequate rest is as important, if not more, than your work. All work and no plan, makes Jack a supremely dull, and sick boy.

Alone time is underrated

Not enough emphasis is made on how rejuvenated one can feel if you give into your urges sometimes. Wish to finish that book that has been camping on your bedside table for three months now? Do it. Take that spa session you so wish to go on. Binge on Netflix shows unapologetically! It is imperative to take some time out for yourself, else frustration will only hinder you from shining at work. Happiness and creativity come from within, allow them to soar and conquer.

Sometimes, falling into a rut makes you believe that all your habits are set in stone. Taking a bird-view on your entire life, and measuring and maintaining a balance will help you to not only live your best life, but also make you feel accomplished.

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