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Friendships Day Gift for your Spouse: How about a Healthy & Happy Heart?

Friedrich Nietzsche famously said: “It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”

And married couples will agree. It is not the fire of passion or the flames of love that keep a domestic household thriving and going peacefully. It is a thing much simpler and much easier to find- friendship and companionship of the warmest kind.

After marriage, you might not have as big a social circle as you did in your bachelor days. But, you’ll have found a much stronger, deeper, and truer friendship- one with your spouse. Looking back, you wouldn’t even realize when both of you reached this stage. But, at one point you did. And now, life unimaginable without them and their annoying habit of pulling all the blankets to their side while sleeping.

As a couple, you would already be celebrating Valentine’s Day, your birthdays, and your anniversary together. Now, how about adding another not-to-be-missed day to your calendar to celebrate your coupledom?

Don’t know which day it is? We won’t hold you in suspense forever because that day is almost upon us and its… Friendship Day!

If you raised your eyebrows or wondered ‘how on earth’ we could be suggesting such a thing, take a moment to assess your relationship with your spouse. Factor in their selflessness, generosity, and understanding when it comes to you. Remember all the (embarrassing) things that you can comfortably do only in front of them- like farting, pick your nose, or just falling asleep with your mouth hanging open. You can be your weird quirky self with them and share childhood stories with them that might have traces of insecurity and shame.

If they are not your best friend after all this, then who are they?


So this Friendship Day on the 4th of August, get ready to celebrate Friendship Day with your best friend ever and forever. And while you are at it, how about doing it differently? Expressions of gratitude through gifts and promises are lovely, but how about getting practical, too, and sweeping your best friend off of their feet through some extra thoughtfulness and forward-thinking?

Do this by gifting them a health plan that looks after their heart- a heart that lights up your life and that you cherish beyond all rationality.

Why a health plan for heart care?

India is touted as the heart disease capital of the world and the title is not without reason.

Indians are genetically wired to have heart diseases. Our diets aren’t the healthiest (we know you’ll be getting pakoras and puris as celebratory meals on 4th August, too!) Throw in some generous helpings of stress and a sedentary lifestyle and you have the perfect recipe for some fatal heart diseases.

Hence, the real question you should be asking is: why not a health plan for heart care?

Aviva Heart Care: The perfect Friendship Day gift

Aviva Heart Care* is India’s only health insurance plan that provides coverage to both you and your spouse in case of a fatal heart condition. 

The plan covers 19 heart conditions and also keeps you at financial ease during the recovery phase. You receive a fixed payout irrespective of the cost of the treatment. You can choose from among 4 available tracks: We, We+, Me, Me/+. Details about what’s included and what’s not can be found here

(UIN: 122N113V01)

Aren’t mediclaim and critical illness coverage enough?

A big no.

When you are struck by heart disease, your very life is in danger because the organ which keeps the whole of you going is vulnerable. Hence, treatment and subsequent heart care are expensive. The amount from mediclaim won’t be enough to cover these costs.

As for critical illness coverage, those health insurance plans might not be comprehensive enough to cover all possible heart diseases. What if disaster strikes and the floor is pulled from under you when you realize that the critical illness coverage you purchased won’t work for the particular heart condition that’s threatened the life of your beloved?

How will you ensure and provide security in these cases?

Heart Care is the way!

There would be no greater gift for your partner/ spouse than your forethought and concern reflected in the purchase of something seemingly bland like a health insurance plan for heart care.

Years down the line, if the bad news was to suddenly strike, they would be able to look at you with eyes that are filled with tears of both sadness and gratitude. They’ll hold your hand then and walk with you into the unknown to face whatever life has for both of you. Just like they've always done.

Jul 59/19

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