This Father's Day, give the gift of health to your Dad! | Aviva India

This Father's Day, give the gift of health to your Dad!

Give the Gift of Health to Your Dad This Father's Day

A father is every child’s first hero.

This famous saying, in itself, is the proof that our fathers play an amazing role in our lives and deserve a big applause. As Father’s Day is approaching fast, people are busy brainstorming the perfect gift for their dads. In fact, some of you may be doing window shopping in malls, struggling to come up with a new answer to the same annual question – What can I get my dad this Father’s Day that is not a book, mug, nor wallet?

Over the years, Father’s day gift has become synonymous with uninspiring stuff, like a tie, socks or a bottle of aftershave. Isn’t it? Wouldn’t it be a nice idea to gift him something that helps him for a long, healthy life? Now your brain might be popping with some ideas, like health gadgets, fitness watches, pedometer, yoga lessons subscription.  But a healthy gift doesn’t have to be something that he returns the next day. This is what I thought five years ago when I got my first pay-check and wanted to buy something genuine to gift my dad.

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I take after my father regarding physical traits, personality, and hobbies. He holds a special place in my life and has always stayed strong against all the odds. When I earned my first salary, it was important to thank the strongest person in my life who stood by my side in all the happiest as well as the lowest points. That’s why I bought an insurance plan that can take care of my father’s big heart. Yes! Like everyone else, I received a mixed bag of reactions from my father, especially because he takes great care of his diet, and was a nonsmoker. But, I was aware of the health risks caused by unforeseen events. Thereby, I wanted to give him something that takes care of his health for years to come.

My father was in his fifties at that time. As his desk job has the most sedentary lifestyle with the least amount of physical activity, I couldn’t think of anything except a secured health insurance guide that offers advanced critical illness benefits. Our family was already covered under a sufficient health insurance plan in India, so I purchased Aviva Heart Care - a plan that is dedicated to the heart and covered both of my parents. This plan covers nineteen heart conditions and also provides for loss of income.

Aviva Heart Care became a life savior for my father when he suffered a massive heart attack - four years later, since I purchased the plan. He was rushed to the nearest hospital where the surgeons monitored him for an entire day. The next day we learned that my dad had severe coronary artery disease, and his heart has a blockage that had never been detected. The cardiologist was concerned about that one coronary artery that was extremely narrow and could cause another stroke. There was no other way than a Coronary Artery Bypass Graft. The process involved an open chest surgery to correct the involved artery.

After two days, doctors performed the surgery. It went well, and my dad was released within a week. I still remember my father’s face when he woke up after the surgery and was relieved to see me by his side. Though he couldn’t speak much at that time, I could feel the joy and pride on his face for my thoughtful decision. The policy provided the extra money that we direly needed for the best available treatment for my dad. We are living in a time when the hospitalization cost has skyrocketed. Failing to stock up sufficient for emergencies can even bankrupt someone. Even a normal mediclaim is likely to fall short for a critical ailment. However, with Aviva Heart Care acting as a shield to my family, we didn’t need to touch the savings for his treatment.

When our lives turned upside down, the insurance policy supported my family and took care of the high expense that arose after the treatment.

I still proudly reflect the Father’s Day, five years ago, when I gave him the gift of health. We feel incredibly lucky to get my father back to be healthy and alive and can’t thank more to Aviva Heart Care to take care of us in that miserable time. 

Disclaimer: Aviva Heart Care is a non linked, non participating health insurance plan. (UIN : 122N113V01)

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