Aviva is now on Alexa with - Insurance Made Simple skill! Let's make insurance easier than ever!

Aviva is now on Alexa with - Insurance Made Simple skill! Let's make insurance easier than ever!

“Alexa, open Aviva!”

These three magical words can now drastically simplify insurance-related terms for you!

One of the biggest decision of adult life is getting insured. Ranging from medical, life, as well as your property insurance is extremely important to safeguard yourself against accidents.

Despite Insurance being essential, the terminology surrounding it can sometimes leave you dazed and confused. The highly complex terms can be hard to decipher, and problems are likely to arise if you don’t quite understand the terms you’re talking (or being talked to) about.

This, of course, isn’t ideal! If you wish to make the right insurance decisions, you need to know what’s what! Understanding these terms help you make that final choice - about which plans to pick, what service you’re getting, and more.

The good news, Aviva is now on Alexa!

So, the next time you find yourself stuck, just give Alexa a shoutout! Aviva, as a skill on Alexa, can help you decrypt the jargons into easy-to-understand phrases.

To be specific, here are the tasks Aviva's "Insurance Made Simple" skill on Alexa can do for you:

  • Answer your insurance-related queries
  • Provide voice-driven assistance for easier access to information
  • Help you make smarter and informed financial decisions.

To launch the skill on Alexa, simply say the three magical words: “Alexa, open Aviva ...”, and clear all your doubts!

For instance, if you’re researching for the right plan for you, and stumble upon ULIPs - just say launch Insurance Made Simple by saying “Alexa, launch Aviva!" and ask "what are ULIPs.”

Your all-time personal voice assistant will come to your aid and explain the terms in a way that is clear, concise, and easy to understand! The answer here might be something along the lines of:

“A Unit Linked Investment Plan is an effective combination of insurance with the benefits of market-linked investments.”

Pretty simple and understandable, isn’t it?

Ask Alexa to help you understand everything from an insurance product, plan, jargon, or anything that you can think of. Get all the answers with a simple voice search - anytime you want!

Some sample questions that Alexa can answer for you include:

  • What are the saving plans?
  • What does a waiver of premium mean?
  • What is surrender value?
  • Who is a policyholder?

Furthermore, if you wish to locate a branch of Aviva near you, a simple “Alexa, tell me where Aviva is located?” will let you know just that! 

Aviva has always emphasized on the need for educating their customers to help them make better decisions - Aviva on Alexa is one step towards staying true to this conviction. Like most of our supplementary products, the end goal here is to help you make smarter financial decisions. So, the next time you find yourself struggling to understand anything in and around the world of insurance, just “Open Aviva”.

 AN AUG 76/18

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