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Aviva Kidoscope – Discover and Nurture Your Child's Real Interest

The need for Child Assessment at an Early Age

We all have big dreams for our kids, but at the same time, it’s important to recognize that every child is unique with their own ambitions, desires, and goals. Early childhood education is not just about schooling, it's about exploration and learning, and observations play an important role in meeting the developmental needs of your young wizards. Children are active and engaged and need to be cognitively, physically, socially, and artistically motivated in order to develop further. Moreover, your child’s experiences in his formative years can greatly influence his adult development.

As a parent, these are some burning questions which often pop-up –

  • What should your child be taught in his/her formative years from birth through age eight?
  • How early does talent emerge and how important is it to identify the initial signs of talent with regard to adult life?
  • How can your child use that talent more fully later on in his/her life?
  • What can you do as a parent to help foster the growth of your child?

Children tend to have different learning styles, needs, capacities, interests, and backgrounds. By recognizing these differences and using instructional approaches that are appropriate for each child, you can help your child learn and develop better. Children often learn by exploring, thinking about, and inquiring about all sorts of phenomena. The earlier your child’s talent is discovered and nurtured, the more time your child will have to develop and hone it further.

Discovering Your Child’s Potential

As a parent, you have a very special role to play in your child’s life. You have to be a part of the growth process and discovery of the child so that you can help your child understand and define his/her talents. After all, wouldn’t you want to provide every possible benefit to your child during to ensure success in their later years?

It is vital that any spark of talent that your child might exhibit is nurtured right from the get-go. Children's talents should be developed as early as possible so they can achieve their full potential.

Kidoscope: Helping Your Child Unleash Its Potential

Knowing that your child is talented or gifted in a particular field can be a source of delight and pride for any parent, but it is also a massive responsibility. It’s equally important to understand what your child is interested in and gravitate towards naturally. Once the area of potential is identified, steps need to be taken to develop and nurture that talent.

An early start such as a well-chalked out programme or platform can give your child several advantages in early self-discovery. This is where Aviva’s Kidoscope comes in; Kidoscope can help identify your child’s unique talents through scientific assessments and psychometric tests.

Parents often recognize early signs of development in their child and do their best to encourage them so that they can reach their full potential. In order to help your child reach his/her full potential and evolve their specific talents, it helps to be able to recognize early on what exactly your child is good at. However, simply recognizing talent alone may not be enough as for a talent to fully develop itself, it needs to be carefully cultivated. Aviva Kidoscope is a unique platform for parents to understand their kids better by identifying their real interest so that they can be given a proper and appropriate guidance. We offer Child Plans that will help you secure and realise their dreams

Benefits of Kidoscope

Here are some of the many advantages of enrolling your child in Kidoscope:

Personalized Advice

Kidoscope is a one-of-a-kind platform which provides you personalized advice and appropriate guidance. To start off with, you will need to take an assessment test to get an idea about your child’s area of interests, to understand where your child stands and to get a clear idea about your child's true talents. Based on your child’s assessment results, we stitch together a tailor-made dashboard which includes specially curated articles written by experts, videos, weekly planners, along with a customized list of talent classes & events around you so that you can help your child identify and nuture his/her passion.

Personal Dashboard

Observation is often seen as one of the simplest, yet effective methods of assessing young children as they develop. Our personal dashboard gives you an in-depth analysis of your child’s progress which helps you determine how you can meet the needs of your young learners. Further, you get access to all detailed reports forassessments taken from ages 1 to 16 while also getting a firm understanding of their next cycle of assessments as well.

Education Cost Calculator

Kidoscope gives you access to our Education cost calculator which helps you calculate the funds you will need to set aside to fund your child’s education. By giving you a fair estimation of the costs, you will be able to figure out how money you need to put aside on a monthly or annual basis in order to fulfill your child's future academic needs.

Detailed & Insightful Assessment Reports

Our detailed and insightful assessment reports offer a simple and convenient way to understand the strengths, interest areas & personality traits of your child. With our detailed assessment reports, you can get a much more accurate picture of your child’s performance in the most important developmental areas which, in turn, makes it easier for you to set future goals for the child.

Final Thoughts

The potential your child may hold is simply enormous; these are possibly the future artists, thinkers, scientists, writers of the future. Aviva’s Kidoscope helps you catch the early signs in your child so that they can accomplish anything they want and achieve as much success as he/she aspires for.

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