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Getting Closer To A Healthy You

Change is daunting for most people. It’s much easier to just stay within your comfort zone. But when it comes to health, we need to grasp the importance of making some basic improvements to keep ourselves healthy. Start Simple. Start Small.

Step 1: Set Goals – To make any change successful, it is important to set clear goals. A clear strategy helps achieve our overall goals. Keep the goals simple: ‘I will eat 1 fresh fruit and 1 raw vegetable a day’, or ‘I will eat daliya/oats for breakfast 3 times a week’, instead of making them sound big like ‘I will lower my cholesterol’.

Step 2: Keep a Progress Tracker – It is important to track your progress on a daily basis. Download an app or make small notes in a notebook/laptop to keep track. Self-monitoring is a key characteristic of successful people, and many studies have proven this.

Step 3: Stay Motivated – The way to change any behaviour successfully is to find a good and relevant reason to do so. Find that reason: whether it is to fit into something for a wedding, or get into shape for a holiday or a long term reason to keep your heart healthy.

Step 4: Seek Support – Sticking to a change is tougher than it seems to be at first. It’s recommended to actively seek support from those around you, for instance, walking with a friend who also wants to stay fit, or sharing a diet plan with a like-minded colleague. You could also talk to your doctor for easy tips and for encouragement & feedback.

These simple steps are just the beginning to the larger goal of keeping yourself healthy. So get, set, go!