A pool of financial assets into which premiums are invested to produce an investment return. Examples include property funds, managed funds and with-profit funds. Strictly speaking, these are "investment funds" rather than just "funds". Fund management is the act of actively looking after such investments on behalf of individual and institutional customers.

A free look period gives the client an option to review the terms and conditions of the policy within 15 days from the date of receipt of the policy document. Where he disagrees with the terms and conditions stated in the policy, he has the option to return the policy, stating the reasons for objection. In such a case the Policy would then be cancelled and the premium paid by the client would be refunded to him, after deducting: proportionate risk premium for the period on cover, expenses incurred by the Insurance Company on medical examination of the client and stamp duty charges.

When a company's shares are sold to investors and quoted on the stock market for the first time. Sometimes known as an initial public offering (IPO).

A guaranteed rate of interest paid over the term of an investment or loan. A fixed interest security is an investment such as a government bond that provides a set level of income and usually has a redemption value, paid at maturity.


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