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Due to our current lifestyle and stress levels, incidents of critical illnesses, especially at younger ages have gone up. You would also be aware that the costs incurred in the treatment of such illnesses are very high. Often, your savings are not enough to cover for these expenses which can lead to a compromise in getting the best treatment.

Aviva Health Secure is an online health insurance plan that pays you a lump sum amount as decided by you in case you are diagnosed with any of the 12 critical illness and procedures as listed ahead like first Heart Attack, Stroke resulting in permanent symptoms etc.

Aviva Health Secure is available in the following cities.

What are the benefits?

Critical Illness: This product provides protection against 12 major critical illnesses by providing a lump sum amount equal to Sum Assured. The illnesses covered are: 

First heart attack – of specified severity, Stroke resulting in permanent symptoms, Cancer of specified severity, Kidney failure requiring regular dialysis, Major Organ/Bone Marrow Transplant; Open Chest CABG, Benign brain tumour; Open Heart Replacement or repair of heart valves, Motor Neurone disease with permanent symptoms, Multiple Sclerosis with persisting symptoms, Coma of specified severity and Permanent Paralysis of limbs

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Death, Surrender or Maturity Benefit: This is a pure health insurance product and hence nothing is payable in case of death, surrender or maturity under this product.



Sum Assured

Rs.5 Lacs to Rs.50 Lacs

Entry Age(completed years)

18 to 55 years

Maturity Age(completed years)

28-65 years

Premium Payment Frequency

Yearly, half-yearly

 (Half-yearly Premium = Yearly Premium X 0.5108)

Policy Term

10 to 30 years

Premium Payment Term

Equal to the policy term

Rebate on Large Sum Assured

There is a rebate if you opt for a Sum Assured (SA) of 10 lacs and above

If Sum Assured >=Rs.10 lacs and <Rs.25 Lacs, Rebate is 0.90 per 1000 SA

If Sum Assured >=Rs.25 lacs, Rebate is Rs.1.50 per 1000 SA

Please refer to the premium quotation to calculate the installment premium for your proposal.

Know more about this product

How do I claim in the event of a Critical Illness(CI):

You can claim at the first diagnosis of any critical illness provided the critical illness has been diagnosed after 90 days of the policy commencement date or the date of renewal of policy, whichever is valid.

You would be eligible for the lump sum amount (Sum Assured) provided you have survived at least 30 days after the diagnosis of the critical illness.

You need to ensure that Critical Illness is confirmed by a registered medical practitioner, including a relevant specialist acceptable to the company (the cost of which shall be borne by the policyholder).

“Medical Practitioner” means a person who holds a recognized qualification in allopathic medicine, is registered by the Indian Medical Council and is practicing within the scope of such license, and shall not include:

a)the Policyholder’s close Relative; or
b)a person who resides with the Policyholder; or
c)a person covered under this Policy.

“Specialist” means a person who holds a recognized post graduate qualification in any specialized stream of allopathic medicine, is registered by the Indian Medical Council and is practicing within the scope of such license, and shall not include:

a)any relative of the Policyholder/Insured; or
b)any person who resides with the Policyholder/Insured; or
c)any person covered under the Base Plan or this Rider

You are required to file a claim with all the required documents within 90 days from the date of diagnosis of Critical Illness. Claim intimation after 90 days is acceptable provided the Company finds reasons for delay satisfactory.

What is not covered (exclusions)?

Any condition, ailment or injury or related condition(s) for which Insured had signs or symptoms, and / or were diagnosed, and / or received medical advice / treatment within 48 months to prior to the commencement or reinstatement of the policy

What happens if I am unable to pay premiums on time?

You get a grace period of 30 days from due date to pay the premium without any interest. If the premium is not received within the grace period, your policy will lapse and the cover will cease immediately. The policy does not acquire any surrender value or paid up value (cash value).

Can I reinstate lapsed Policy?

A lapsed policy may be revived during the policy term within a revival period of 1 year from the date of first unpaid premium by submitting the proof of continued insurability to the satisfaction of the Company and making the payment of all due premiums.

Policy holder will be subject to the then underwriting requirements at the time of reinstatement, basis which the company may either accept or decline the reinstatement. Further Company, reserves the right to impose any extra premium as a results of underwriting. The revival of a lapsed policy is also subject to payment of revival fee of ` 250/-. At the time of revival, the cost of medical examination and special tests, if any, will be borne by the Policyholder.

If at the end of the revival period, the policy is not revived, the policy shall terminate and no benefit shall be payable thereafter.

Can I review the terms and conditions under the policy: The Policy Terms and conditions can be reviewed within 30 days from the date of receipt of the policy document. If the policy is cancelled during this Free look Period, the Company will refund the premium paid after deducting proportionate risk premium and expenses incurred on medicals and stamp duty.

Cost of medical examination: At the time of purchase of the policy, the cost of medical examination and special tests, if any, will be borne by the Company. At the time of revival of a lapsed policy, the cost of medical examination and special tests, if any, will be borne by you.

Nomination & Assignment: Nomination, in accordance with Section 39 of Insurance Act, 1938, is permitted under this policy. Assignment, in accordance with Section 38 of Insurance Act, 1938, is permitted under this policy.

Loan: Loan will not be allowed under this plan


Process to Buy

You can buy this policy by clicking on the 'Buy Now' tab.
  • Maximum limit of Sum Assured (Rs.50 Lacs) includes other Critical Illness (CI) / Dread Disease (DD) coverage issued by Aviva India.
  • This product is available to Resident Indians only.
  • All quotes are in Indian Rupees (INR) and are accepted only in INR.
  • Premium rates are subject to reduction or increase basis your Profile and health status.
  • If a cancellation is requested before the issuance of the policy, the Company shall refund the application money after deduction of the expenses incurred on medical examination, if applicable.
  • If a cancellation is requested post the issuance of the policy, the Company shall refund the premium amount after deduction of the expenses incurred on medical examination and/or stamp duty, as applicable.
  • Documents required for policy processing include
    • Age Proof (copy of Passport or PAN Card)
    • Photo Identity Proof (copy of your PAN Card, Passport or Driving License)
    • Income Proof (copy of last 3 months salary slip, copy of latest ITR or Form 16

These document images can be e-mailed or uploaded on our website for faster processing.

Receipt by the Company of the completed proposal and initial payment does not create any obligation on the part of the Company to underwrite the risk, and the Company shall not be liable until such time it has underwritten the risk and issued the policy.