Aviva Affluence - Product details

Aviva Affluence - Product details


Aviva Affluence is a Unit Linked plan which helps you to live life to the fullest and demand the maximum out of your finances. Aviva Affluence allows you to pay for a limited payment term and stay invested to meet long term financial milestones, be it for your child or your retirement. You can optimize the returns by choosing from 7 fund options and change the pattern with varying risk appetite. Aviva Affluence ensures you plan today and meet your family’s desires without worrying about the future.

A plan that will help you 'CARE'


  •     Pick your policy term to match your long term goals

  •     Choose to pay premiums as per your convenience for 7, 10, 15 years or for the entire policy tenure 

  •     Opt from 7 funds and invest in the fund or combination of funds, that best suits your risk profile 

  •     Elect to enter the equity market on a weekly or monthly manner through Systematic Transfer Plan 


  • Easy access to your money during unexpected needs through partial withdrawals 

  • Handle your planned needs through systematic partial withdrawals

  • Park your windfall gains in the same instrument through top ups for future 


  • Get rewarded for staying invested through periodic Milestone Boosters and Maturity Boosters

Ensure Protection

  •     Secure Sum Assured as a minimum payout in case of your unfortunate death 

  •     Additional assured amount in case of accidental death 


Entry Age

(last birthday)

Minimum:      2 years

Maximum:   50 years

Maturity Age

(last birthday)

Minimum Maturity Age: 18 years

Maximum Maturity Age depends on the Premium Payment Term(PPT)

Premium Payment Term (PPT)

Maximum Maturity Age

7 / 10 / 15 years

65 years

16 to 30 years

70 years


Policy Term

15 to 30 years, subject to minimum & maximum maturity age

Premium Payment Term (PPT)

7 / 10 / 15 or Equal to Policy Term


Regular Premium:


Policy Term

Premium Payment Term

Annualized Premium       (in Rs.)

15 -17 years

10, Equal to Policy term


18 & above

7 years


10,15, Equal to Policy term



Maximum:           No limit, subject to board approved underwriting

Top-up Premium:

Minimum:            Rs.5,000

Maximum:           No limit, subject to  board approved underwriting

Sum of Top-up Premiums should not exceed sum of Regular Premiums paid

Sum Assured

Sum Assured is a multiple of Annual Premium and depends upon Policy Term and age:

Minimum Sum Assured:

Policy Term

(in years)

Premium Paying Term

Minimum Sum Assured

(in Rs.)


10, Equal to Policy Term


18 & above



10, 15, Equal to Policy Term


Minimum Top up Sum Assured = 6250 where Minimum Sum Assured: 10 times the Annualized Premium

Top-up Premium Sum Assured: 1.25 times the Top-up Premium

Maximum Sum Assured:

Maximum Sum Assured would be subject to Board Approved Underwriting Policy

Entry Age of life insured

(last birthday)

PPT ( Years)

Maximum Sum Assured Multiple

<45 years

7 & 10


10 OR 0.5*Policy Term, whichever is higher


15 to 30

Equal to Policy Term

>=45 years

7 & 10


15 to 30

Equal to {Policy Term minus 5}


In-built Accidental Death Benefit

In-built Accidental Death Sum Assured shall be equal to the Base Sum Assured, subject to maximum of Rs. 50 lacs(per life), including all existing Accidental Death Benefit cover issued by Aviva.

Premium Payment Frequency

Yearly Only