Silver jubilee wedding anniversary? Here's what you should gift your significant other! | Aviva India

Silver jubilee wedding anniversary? Here's what you should gift your significant other!

Silver jubilee wedding anniversary? Here's what you should gift your significant other! | Aviva India Financial Planning Blog

A silver jubilee wedding anniversary is truly a momentous occasion. After all, you’ve spent over two decades with the person you love. And you’ve not only loved them - but chances are you’ve also hated them and despised them, been annoyed at them, and believed nobody could be more annoying on the face of this earth, all in parts. And yet, you’ve braved the storm together and love each other more now! There’s probably not a lot more that the vicissitudes of life can throw at you now. In all likelihood - you’re each other’s soulmates now!

But are you at a loss to understand what to give your better half? Worry not, for we are here to save you! Here’s a list of the 3 amazing things you can do for your significant other -

1. Go on another honeymoon

When you’ve spent a quarter of a century with each other, chances are that you no longer remember your original honeymoon! Back when you were younger, your financial situation might’ve been different, but now things could be more settled on that front. Discuss the prospect together and book the perfect hotel room in the dream location you’ve both always wanted to go to. Or maybe, if your first honeymoon was just right, you can redo it all over again! It’s all up to you and your loved one and how you want to spend this time together.

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2. Throw a silver jubilee party

Seeing as how you’ve sustained a marriage for 25 years, it’s one of the best occasions to celebrate with family members and close friends! This is the ideal time to bring out all your planning skills and put them to task. Take ample time to figure out who all are going to be invited - making sure the list is both inclusive as well as exclusive - and how much you will be spending on the whole thing. And you know it’s going to cost a fair bit, because silver jubilee celebrations don’t happen every night now, do they? For the venue, you can take a call with your loved one. It can be a fancy venue which gets everything right - if that’s your mood - or you can simply choose to host the party at home. Whatever feels right to you and your partner, because after all you’re the ones who’ve spent 25 years together, and it’s no small feat!

3. Give your children life insurance

While this is not the most optimistic point on this list, it’s just as important as anything else we’ve mentioned. You and your partner have already spent 25 years of your lives married to each other and in all likelihood, you have children. So while it is important to enjoy the present moment, it is also essential to keep in mind that, while you may have survived with or against all odds, your children might not share the same fate as you. You wouldn’t want to be in a position where you see something untoward happen to them, would you? This is why it’s always a wise idea to opt for an insurance plan for your children - no matter how old they are, because there are plans for all ages! - Because not only will it keep them protected against all possible harms, it will also ensure that they have a stable income till a certain period of time. And you would want to ensure that your children have a stable income without having to take all the pressure of the world, right?

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Conclusion: Enjoy the present but also keep an eye out for the future!

A momentous occasion like a silver jubilee wedding anniversary calls for a breathtaking celebration. This is why you should consider going on another honeymoon or throwing a party the likes of which nobody has ever witnessed! But while keeping this in mind, it’s important also to think about the future - not just the future of you and your partner, but also the future of your children, and to do your best to keep them protected against any and all harms. Isn’t that, after all, what parents do?

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