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So what is a Term plan?

A Term plan is an insurance plan which is purchased for a set length of time. A term policy provides you with constant assurance knowing that in case something untoward were to happen to you in the ordinary course of life, your dependents will not be left in a financial lurch. The premiums are usually fixed at a set price – this entails that you will usually end up paying the same amount of money for the policy every year until the term period is up.                      

Why opt for Aviva’s i-Term Smart Term Insurance?

Aviva’s i-Term Smart Term Policy enables you to acquire the protection against life’s many uncertainties for the lowest premium outlay. Whatever role you don – a caring parent or a loving spouse – Aviva’s i-Term Smart Term Insurance has been specially designed to ensure that your loved ones are not faced with an enormous financial burden in case you were to meet with an untimely demise. Thanks to a specified tax-free cash sum that would be paid out if a tragedy were to hit, you’re handed the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are  financially stable. Here are some of the many features & benefits that Aviva i-Term Smart Term Policy bestows upon you:

  • Aviva’s i-Term Smart Term Life Insurance has been formulated to provide affordable coverage for a specific period that could help pay for day-to-day expenses and bills in your absence. It can also ensure that whatever dreams you might have for your family – such as funding for your child’s future education – still lives on long after you are gone.
  • Besides shielding your loved ones from the financial impact of your demise, Aviva’s i-Term Smart Term Policy has the lowest possible premium among all the other available insurance plans. You can select the length of the term for which you want the coverage right from one year all the way up to 62 years. So what it means is that opting for i-Term Smart can help meet your specific financial needs while catering to your personal situation.
  • One of the most exceptional features of Aviva’s i-Term Smart Term life insurance is that it provides a more extended coverage than the average term policy. While most term plans are known to cover individuals up to 70 years of age, Aviva’s i-Term Smart term insurance plan offers you coverage right up to 80 years of age.
  • One of the primary benefits of opting for Aviva’s i-Term Smart term life insurance is that its premiums, are exempted from tax under section 80C (up to Rs. 1,50,000) and so is the sum assured.  
  • A robust financial plan is only deemed complete when factors like cover for medical/ critical illness are taken into consideration. On opting for the optional Aviva Critical Illness and Disability Rider, you get an option for additional coverage against 16 critical illnesses and disabilities that will financially support you in case you get diagnosed with a critical illness/disability. As a matter of fact, you are entitled to get an immediate pay-out on the first diagnosis of a critical illness without the need to furnish hospital bills either. This will safeguard your savings from getting used up on such unaccounted expenses.  So while you’re still young, hale and hearty, make sure to opt for this rider and further secure the future of your family at a relatively low cost.
  • Aviva’s i-Term Smart term insurance plan also has an option to increase the amount of sum assured during the policy term. Of course, this would also mean that your premiums will go up accordingly and get re-calculated based on factors such as rising age along with the amount of higher sum assured and the remaining policy term.

Key Takeaway:

While none of us like to ponder about grim realities that surround us, the truth of the matter is that sickness and accidents can strike unexpectedly. Aviva’s i-Term Smart Term Insurance Plan facilitates a smarter way to secure your family and is ideal for protecting those who rely on your income. 

*Disclaimer: Taxes are subject to change as per tax laws

AN June 03/18 
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