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“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now” Alan Lakein

If someone tells you that an apple a day will keep your family’s financial future secure, would you call it a good deal?

Sure, why not!

In a real world, an apple a day can only keep the doctor away and not the financial insecurity.

On the other hand, buying a term plan is one of the sure-fire ways to guarantee the financial security of our loved ones in our absence. And if a term plan comes at the cost of an apple a day, it’s practically a wish fulfilled. Budget constraints often force us to either procrastinate financial planning buying decision, or leave us with no other option but to settle for a ‘lower’ sum assured. At Aviva India, we understand your budget is important to you, and as a part of our initiative to ensuring that people don’t have to compromise with the financial security of their loved ones, we have introduced the cost effective Aviva i-Term Smart plan. Available at affordable term insurance premium, Aviva i-Term Smart plan is made to fit every budget.

Key Features of Aviva i-Term Smart Plan

  • Low Premium

With premiums as low as INR 17 per day, the Aviva i-Term Smart plan comes with a premium that fits every budget without compromising on the sum assured.

INR 1 Cr. life-cover at just INR 17 per day*

  • Option to increase base sum assured

If at any point of time during your term, your responsibilities increase like marriage, birth of your child or you take a house loan, you can opt for a one-time increase up to 25 lacs in the base sum assured of your term plan. The good thing is- you don’t even need a medical examination to avail this feature.

  • Optional additional coverage against critical illness and total disability

A lower premium with i-Term Smart does not mean lower coverage. You can add the Aviva Critical Illness & Disability rider to your base plan, and get extra coverage against 16 critical illnesses and total permanent disability, due to illness or accident.

Benefits you get with Aviva i-Term Smart Plan

  • Coverage up to 80 years

Unlike various other term plans that provide life cover up to 75 years, or even lesser, the Aviva i-Term Smart plan provides coverage up to the age of 80 years.

  • Death Benefit

In case of death of the life insured, your family will receive a base Sum Assured. (provided all the due premiums have been paid till the date of the death)

  • Tax Benefit

Like all other Term Plans, you get Tax benefit on your term insurance premium paid for this online term insurance. The tax benefits are applicable as per the prevailing tax laws.

  • Some Other Benefits

Option to alter premium payment frequency

Want to customize your premium payment frequency? We got you covered. With Aviva i-Term Smart, you can request for a change in the premium payment frequency. The alteration is allowed only at the time of policy renewal.

Immediate payout on first diagnosis of critical illness

If the life insured is diagnosed with a critical illness, we give you an immediate lump sum without any impact on the base policy.


Right, you can buy term insurance online directly from our website and also access the term plan calculator online.

Product Specifications

 Type of Plan

 Term Plan

 Entry Age (as on   last birthday) 

 Minimum – 18 Years

 Maximum – 65 Years

 Maturity Age


 80 years last birthday (without Aviva Critical Illness and Disability Rider-Non linked Rider)

 70 years last birthday (with Aviva Critical Illness & Disability Rider -Non linked Rider)

 Sum Assured


 Minimum: Rs. 75 Lakh

 Maximum: Rs. 25 Cr (per life) subject to Company’s Board Approved Underwriting Guidelines. Maximum sum  assured will be as per the Board Approved Underwriting   Policy

 Premium Payment  Frequency

 Monthly, Half yearly & Yearly

Secure the Future of Your Family in 3 Easy Steps

Don’t let your family be dependent on you. Empower them with financial freedom and security with a term plan. To buy Aviva i-Term Smart plan, follow these three simple steps.

Step 1 - Choose the level of protection (Base Sum Assured) you want

Step 2 - Select the Premium frequency (Monthly, Half yearly & Yearly)

Step 3 - Work out the premium payable along with our Financial Planning Advisor

Get in touch with us today, and we will help you put your term plan together.               

*Premium of a healthy male (non-smoker) aged 25 years for a sum assured of INR 1Cr. for a term of 25 years (incl.taxes)
Disclaimer: Taxes are subject to change as per tax laws.
UIN: 122N131V01
AN Jun 45/18
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I am working in DRC Congo , Lubumbashi City , since past 3 years

Working so far for me ;). One of the best term plan I must say.

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