Workshop and Trainings

Employee development

Employee development

As an organization, we have a commitment to ensure growth and development of all employees. We feel that it is important that our employees construct their own career growth plan. Our Learning philosophy revolves around the key theme “Own Your Growth”.

Workshop and Trainings 
To facilitate the right mix of Capability development within Organization, based on the feedback from employees, Managers and Function Heads and detailed need analysis, the learning interventions are built around a 5-pillar structure- 

  • Personal effectiveness 
  • Managerial effectiveness 
  • Technical expertise 
  • Leadership development 
  • Organizational effectiveness 

E Learning
Employees at Aviva are encouraged for anywhere, anytime learning through our internet based E-Learning module. These globally recognized, well researched modules add to learning experience and come handy as byte modules. This platform has ensured that learning opportunities reach to the remotest of the locations and every Aviva employee gets the opportunity to learn and grow. 

Education Policy
Aviva believes in the philosophy of continuous learning and provides support to its employees to undertake education courses in order to enhance their skill sets and therefore arrive at a position to contribute better to the overall organizational agenda. 

Online Library
Our employees in 7 cities have access to online books library. The interested employees can select a book and order it online. This is a Company sponsored initiative and gives the users access to different books related to Management, Leadership, Spirituality, Life Skills and technical domain etc.