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Aviva i-Term Smart - the smarter way to say iCare

What is Term Insurance Plan?

Term insurance plans are the most basic life insurance plans that protect your loved ones in case of any unexpected events. A term plan is the most affordable insurance product that gives a wide financial coverage in lowest premiums to the policyholder. A Term Insurance plan takes care of the financial needs your loved ones even when you are not around.

Why does your family need a Term Insurance Policy?

Unpredictable events may come in anyone’s life. Hard times can hit your family anytime and make your family financially vulnerable. An affordable term insurance plan is the best way to fulfill the financial needs of your family, including household expenses, the rising costs of children’s education, children’s weddings, settle loans, or emergency medical procedures in your absence. In simple words, term insurance plans provides the strongest ground to your financial plan.

You work hard to fulfill the dreams of your loved ones and their security. In case you are not around, or suffer from a critical illness or disability, your family will not only be impacted emotionally but also financially. This is where one of the best Term Insurance Plan comes in.

Why Aviva Term plan - i-Term Smart?

Term insurance gives you peace of mind knowing that your loved ones will be financially secure even in your absence. They will have the much needed financial security to not only meet their day-to-day needs but also to fulfil their dreams.

Aviva i-Term Smart

A smarter way to secure your family

  • Life cover up to 80 years of age
  • Increase life coverage during policy term
  • Option for coverage against 16 critical illnesses and disability**
  • No need for hospital bills**
  • Immediate payout on the first diagnosis of critical illness**
  • Tax benefits^ on premium paid as per tax law

** On purchase of Aviva Critical Illness and Disability Rider – Non Linked Rider.
^Tax benefits are as per existing tax laws which are subject to change.