Child Plan

Child Insurance Plans

We all have multiple goals in life, which we seek to fulfil. But without doubt, the biggest goal for all of us once we become parents is ensuring a bright and successful  future for our children. It is a commitment you make to yourself and strive to work towards achieving. At this moment, you understand that you need to be sensible with your financial planning and cater to your child’s future needs when it comes to accommodation, higher education, college fees, and many more.

With rising inflation rates and cost of education skyrocketing with every passing year, you need to make sure that the child insurance is sufficient enough to meet your child’s educational needs even when you are not around. In order to assist you with your financial planning, AVIVA offers you child plans that are perfectly tailored to support your child’s educational needs. They help you secure your child’s educational milestones and also ensure uninterrupted education for your child in case you are not around.
Buy a child plan and enjoy comprehensive benefits of the cover coupled with maturity benefits.

As is the case with everything in life, unless you commit to a goal, you will invariable not achieve it. We at Aviva, promise to stand by your side, supporting and helping you every step of the way and see your every dream come to fruition.

Aviva offers customized insurance plans to secure the future of you and your family.

Choose from the below mentioned plans that suit your needs best.