Aviva Great Wall of Education

The mega book collection drive has reached out to 550,000 children in three years. It has collected over a million books for underprivileged children in its third year, and has become the biggest Bookwall ever. We took the mega book donation drive to a national scale in its third year and collected more than a million books, which will go towards moving thousands of underprivileged children across the country closer to education.  



The Aviva Great Wall of Education is a mega book donation drive launched in 2009 in New Delhi as a part of Aviva’s Street to School programme. Looking at the overwhelming response received in the initial year, the donation drive was activated in 4 cities in 2010 – Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai, and collected close to 9,50,000 books which impacted the lives of more than 500,000 underprivileged children.


In its latest edition, we partnered with one of the biggest media houses in the country - the Times of India and, leading telecom operator - Vodafone, to take the Aviva Great Wall of Education to a national level. The campaign was activated across the country through drop boxes placed at Aviva branches and Times of India offices, where people could donate books. In order to ensure maximum participation, donation boxes were placed in around 500 schools in 10 cities – Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Cochin, Pune and Mumbai, through which school children were able to donate their old text books, and note books. 



People from across the country had the opportunity to participate and contribute to the noble cause of education of the underprivileged children by donating through their mobile phone. All they had to do to donate a Rs 10 book pack to the Wall was to send an SMS through their Vodafone number.  


People also had the option to donate book hampers online by logging on to www.educationisinsurance.com or www.prathambooks.org. Close to 1400 books were received through online donations.  A significant number of online donations were made by Aviva employees outside India.  This was the first time that even Aviva employees outside India could participate in the Aviva Great Wall of Education and contribute towards the cause of moving children closer to education. 


We adopted a 360 degree approach to increase awareness about the cause and to encourage people to donate books to the Wall. A TVC was created for the campaign, featuring Aviva India’s  brand ambassador Sachin Tendulkar, which was received extremely well by everyone. The ad reflects on the moments of joy that we all would have experienced when reading a book and how can we pass on that joy to someone else. A special website was created for the campaign – www.educationisinsurance.com, where people could find out all the information about the Wall. The initiative was also promoted on the social media platform through our facebook and twitter page. 


The grand finale of the Bookwall was inaugurated by ace cricketer and our brand ambassador Sachin in Mumbai, who asked Indians to double the count of books donated last year. Several activities were organized at the venue like storytelling, art and craft sessions and street play – all linked to education, which were enjoyed by one and all. Publishing houses like Crossword and Harper Collins also donated significantly to the Wall. Popular Bollywood actor Abhay Deol lent his support to the cause by handing over the books collected to our NGO partners – Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan, Save the Children, and SOS Children’s villages of India, at the closing ceremony of the Bookwall. 


The books were sorted into various categories and handed over to the NGO partners for setting up libraries in schools for underprivileged children.  The ones, which are not relevant or usable for children will be recycled by our recycling partner Handpaper and converted into fresh notebooks. 


Highlights Aviva Great Wall of Education 2011:

  1. Through Vodafone, we got over 11000 sms’s and another 50,000 has been committed by Vodafone as their contribution to the cause
  2. 1400 books worth approximately Rs 40,000 were donated on the Pratham books website
  3. Over 100 people came with boxes and suitcases full of books to donate at the venue 
  4. This has been one of the most successful digital campaigns for us:
    • On Facebook we increased our fan base from 61, 501 to 165,670 adding over 1 lac followers during the campaign
    • We had 7,577 visits on our microsite, 344 people took a pledge, 294 played the game and 1379 used the drop-box locator
    • The average number of people talking about our Facebook page during the campaign was 30,000 with its peak number of 63,709. Before the campaign the average number of people talking about the page was 4500. 
    • The total number of impressions for facebook ads were more than 70 mn.